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  1. No Razer products

    I had this same thing happen to me after the most recent patch. I deliberately discontinued using Razer products and uinstalled all software and the issue was resolved until the most recent patch again. I tried everything yesterday and ended up reinstalling my Razer software and used the mouse and then it worked.. and then I was in game and it crashed for no reason. Really not sure what's causing the issue at this point bc a variety of players are also experiencing the same thing with or without Razer products so clearly it's something on NCSoft's part. It seems to be working again but I have no idea why.. it crashed again just a few minutes ago so I'll just have to cross my fingers...
  2. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Ok update.. I uninstalled my Razer drivers/software - everything! Stopped using all Razer products and for some reason with the most recent patch my client crashed at the BnS logo. Strangely enough, I reinstalled Synapse and hooked up my Razer mouse and the client seems to have launched successfully passed the BnS logo page. Now it's time to see if the game will crash like it used to... *crosses fingers*
  3. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    Tried it, game still crashes after I click "Play Now" no error code, nothing. Just crashes -.- ... this is RIDICULOUS. So close to rage quitting!! Except for the fact that I purchased premium membership and a Master's pack... darn.... *becomes depressed again* What's the perk of having this if I can't even play the game?! It seems like after every patch/update, this happens again.
  4. Game crashes before launch - post patch

    Yeah, it looks like the article NCSoft wrote about disabling the chroma keyboard worked for the last patch. But with the latest patch, client is also crashing when I try to launch... I'm literally out of options. And like many of you, I too have purchased premium membership but am at a loss constantly... 2 weeks after launch still... Just for the record, I'm not even using any Razer products soo....... :/ I deliberately stopped using my Razer mouse and anything Razer related but this is still happening!!!!
  5. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Seems like I'm also now experiencing this error. My client used to crash when I was using my Razer products, however since Head Start I have deliberately uninstalled those programs and have stopped using any Razer products. Now with this recent update, it appears my client is no longer functioning.... Slightly ridiculous actually. I've tried File Repair, no luck.. Not sure what has changed with this new update but clearly something is wrong. NCSoft, please rectify the issue.
  6. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    @Realmwalker THANK YOU for responding. I'm glad to see we have been acknowledged and updated on the progress of resolving this known frustration. I highly doubt it's the PC components as many others have expressed their specs should be sufficient, myself included however that may not be the case for everyone. Until then, please continue to work on this issue and I kindly ask that you keep us apprised as it has clearly taken away from the head start experience. Update: Just launched the game, crashed again within 20 minutes..
  7. Game Crashing all the time

    @TMANN I get that it's first day.. but honestly, when you pay for something and go through several CBTs you'd expect that it'd be sorted through. And if it wasn't, that's fine but at least as part of the player / founder experience, I would have liked to hear some sort of communication to let us know where they're at in terms of resolving the issue. It could just be me but I haven't heard anything ... Pretty much feel like we're left hanging to figure it out on our own.. Some acknowledgment would have been appreciated, I know NCSoft has the ability to handle this much more elegantly.
  8. Anyway to fix crashing?

    @Thallen Yeah there's another thread related to this.. looks like it's a common issue for many head start players *sigh My game has crashed over 10 times and I've tried just about everything. No error message pops up.. nothing. Sad to say but from a user experience this is terrible... Really hoping to hear back from NCSoft soon about how they're going to deal/compensate for this shared frustration and pretty much bitter head start experience.
  9. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Well I've tried everything as listed above.. it was running fine in Windows mode so I decided to Full Screen mode for about 1.5 hours. Then once I decided to open xSplit and record some decent gameplay (because I thought the patch would have fixed it) - it crashes! I'm pretty much out of options.. Really hope someone from the team can respond and give us an update. Royally pissed at this point and frustrated.
  10. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    I'm also playing Window mode... and doesn't seem to be crashing now but still ridiculous..
  11. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    @Faithhy I uninstalled and reinstalled and am now downloading 2 parts of something. I also stopped streaming / recording on xSplit so not sure if any of these are related. Hopefully they'll pull something together.. Perhaps compensate for this inconvenience and takeaway from the benefit/experience of head start.
  12. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Hm.. it's unfortunate. I've tried file repair and am now finally trying a clean uninstall and reinstall. Hoping this will work. Have you tried this on your PC?
  13. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    @Maiku I agree, this is ridiculous. It's not even to say that it was buggy and glitchy by the last CBT. It was perfectly fine, surprised that we're having this type of issue on early head start date. @Avient - Are you also having crashing issues? I may have to resort to that. It's just upsetting that people paid money for an early head start. Might as well call this a Beta test instead. I think it's more of the expectations that are not well managed :/ ..
  14. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Game just crashed again. I thought it was because I was trying to stream / record using xSplit but I've closed the program since and the game appears to continue to crash.. so I think it's safe to say that's not causing the errors. @Cere I've also tried closing off Razer-Synapse and ending any Razer related programs, but the game just crashed again so.. I'm out of options ;A; Also, I wouldn't say my game is crashing every 10 minutes, but it's intermittently shutting down (random intervals). There is also no error code that pops up, just an error report message prompt.
  15. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    I'm having the same issue.. I'm royally pissed as well. It's not even the system requirements, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the client/server on their end. Client intermittently crashes making it close to impossible to stream or record any game play. It's actually very ridiculous seeing that it's now made the head start quite an unpleasant experience for Founder's pack owners alone people like you and I who have invested a good chunk of money.