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  1. You can always buy the stones from the market as well for a non-RNG way in getting the stone. Sell your materials rather than gambling it away and save your gold to buy the Premium stone. And I'm pretty sure the fail rate in making a Premium stone is not 70% since I've only failed 2~3 times out of 10 tries. Guess that's just RNG.
  2. Yes, let's all delightfully quit this game since we can't finish a single quest.
  3. It is patch hype since due to the fact that the price has been going up ever since the official announcement of needing more transformation stones for the new Oil upgrade system. Now that the patch is actually here people are rush buying the stones so of course the price is going to skyrocket even more. Though if the prices indeed stay this price or go higher then yes it's not patch hype.
  4. It's not anything new. We get the storyline quests in sections aka with different patches. Right now the story "ends" with Chapter 1 The Dreams of Jinsoyun. On August 16th we'll get more of the storyline then it'll stop again until the next patch that gives us more. It's been like this since the start of the game for NA/EU.
  5. All farmable materials yet they failed miserably? I'm lost here. As Wiri said, you're comparing it to market prices so obviously it's going to be more expensive than the original price since everyone's panic buying materials and that'll cause inflation temporarily and skew the prices. And as Sayha pointed out, you're practically saving 250~300g with this change since you can farm everything with minimal spending.
  6. Eh, the change seems nice. I already have an excess amount of mats that I haven't been using and alts that have been gathering mats just from Dawn raids so I can finally get my Crit soul just from farming. Doesn't make farming Lair or Yeti too bad either even if it's not a guaranteed Treasure pouch anymore.
  7. Guess I'll be the only one but I actually enjoy Tower of Infinity. It's literally the only thing that gives me a challenge in this game now and its a mix of PvE and PvP so I don't get fully bored of it. I've already learned how to deal with each class that I get but it still doesn't mean it'll go the same way each time so it makes me stay on my toes.
  8. And this is how you cause inflation to happen. Easier to get gold so prices of items will naturally raise to balance things out. In the end, it'll just be the way it is now, just bigger numbers. Also this would be the same amount of boredom over time and make everyone feel like even more a bot.
  9. @JDavidC 1. It can probably be changed but I can't speak much for this. This was a similar issue that happened in my previous game and it was brought up to the NA publishers but nothing was changed as far as I know. 2. Well like I said, we're getting the Dawn of Khanda Vihar equivalent on August 16th so hopefully they do add it as the 2nd weekly PvE quest so everyone would be able to complete the weekly daily challenge. 3. It's not so much as a discouragement on this MMO though since Repair Tool prices are low, you get a great amount of them just from doing
  10. That's not a glitch or anything. That's how it is since it's not your original stance. Same goes for Lightning Draw stance for BM/BD or Fire/Ice mode for FM, you'll fall out of the mode/stance after not being in combat for "x" amount of seconds since it's not your original stance. @JDavidC 1. There's a limit since in KR they're forced to have limited playing times if I remember correctly. So that limit is directly ported to us and NCwest would have to request it to be taken off but don't think they would at this point. 2. As I said in other threads, when the
  11. 24man raid that we're getting in mid August. It'll be in Guwon City region.
  12. Since I highly doubt any of you will scroll through the posts, here's a post from the actual artist apologizing:
  13. Seems like your comprehension skills are failing here. The OP is asking if there's any challenges to this game in the form of never playing the game yet aka being new to the game. He's not complaining nor attempting to troll anyone. He makes a comparison saying people said Elder Scrolls had a challenging endgame but in reality it wasn't all too hard. Read slower and try to understand next time rather than deeming a post as troll because you failed to understand.
  14. It's because it's still under a time gated event that happens every 43 minutes. Not really profitable and it's a small chance to get just 1~3 per boss. This change would've been amazing during the Celestial Basin event or even when Basin was fresh to the game but as of now not many people have reason to even be in Basin since they have gotten all the stuff they needed from the place within a month or two.
  15. I think you're missing the point of the people's complaints in this thread. They want the 12man raids to come sooner, not angry that it is coming. Though I don't condone them making this a big deal with them just having to wait a month extra before it comes but they aren't complaining that it is coming to the game. They're happy that it's coming but just crying that it's not coming sooner than expected.
  16. Making it 12man opens up more opportunity to people wanting to do a raid, it's not making it easier dungeon wise since the mechanic roles will be even more needed and relies on everyone to do it instead of a select few in a 24man setting. This will open up to the people who aren't able to get into big clans and be apart of a raid AND it can still be easily organized by people if they recruit through Faction chat. It'll just require people to be on Discord(as normal) to listen and understand what to do. You have to remember that not everyone is able to get in clans that do raids eve
  17. As far as 24man Raids for endgame(Black Tower and Vortex Temple) yes it's challenging. For 6man dungeons that are considered endgame right now(Irontech Forge, Naryu Sanctum, Naryu Foundry, Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel) it's a yes and no. No, it's not challenging because on Normal mode they pretty much removed majority of mechanics so it's just brain dead DPSing and little error to fail the actual boss. Yes, it's challenging because on Hard mode is where mechanics are needed unless you want an instant wipe at the last boss generally. But sadly since Hard mode yi
  18. But you must also remember, NCwest is only a publisher not the creators of the game. I am also for them prioritizing bug fixes but that's all up to the KR devs to do so even if NCwest requests it. But generally if something is still a bug on the KR version then it most likely won't be fixed on our version until the KR devs get to fixing it on their version first. That's something most people generally forget about NA/EU BnS. Also I'm sure NCwest takes in the players' input but again, it has be approved by the KR devs before any changes can happen and if the request is denied or has
  19. My point exactly. That's why at this point I just feel as though a small group of people are just either making new accounts to make something so small seem big or just using an old account to post. But I also have to stop hitting into these traps since it's happening more often than before and it'll just be a big fuss for a day or two.
  20. So this is what you're saying: Something that was planned to come in 3 weeks is being put off for an extra month(i'm assuming since late summer/early fall) ruined big clans' plans? When this was announced just a DAY ago? What you're saying is that the bigger clans had everything planned out for this change within a day, now that I cannot believe even with me being apart of a big clan. I can understand the anger of it being put off and people looking forward to it are upset but saying this extension ruined most big clans' plans because it's being put off longer when the announcement
  21. At this point I feel like it's the same few people on different accounts posting.
  22. My goodness, you all are making this a big deal for no reason. This announcement was put out literally a day ago and was told a day later that it'll be a little later for the 12man raid to come out. Now remind me, how is this ruining anyone's experience? I'm pretty sure no clan has done a whole revamp of their raid within a day and even if they did, it just means they'll have to use that raid setup a little later when the 12man raids come rather than on the 16th. Damn you guys literally look for any reason to try and blow up on NCwest for any and all things. Big or smal
  23. NCwest = Publisher, not the actual devs. KR NCsoft = Devs, the people who have/know the coding of the game, the real owners, etc etc. NCwest has literally no rights to modify the game unless they ask KR Devs AND get the approval; even after the approval they have to wait for the KR Devs to send the code so they can apply it to the game. This is how it works when a company agrees to publish a game. They have conditions and terms they have to follow. I'm guessing NCwest at most has the power to control the Cash Shop but even then I believe it's heavily influenced on KR Devs in t
  24. Yeah I know but it does becoming annoying after a bit. Speaking from experience at least. @RagingPhenix You do understand that it's not just a simple thing for them, right? They have to go and discuss these things with the KR devs to get anything worked out. They have to spend time convincing them that our region needs/wants this change. It's not as simple as sending an email to the KR devs asking for xyz change then waiting for a response. That's why it's taking them a while to get things done.
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