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  1. Everyone has different experiences but to say you need to do 500+ keys to get anything good is a bit out there.
  2. I mean, that's pretty much what I've been doing since the beginning of this game and I've been doing just fine. I play when I feel like it and if I don't feel like playing that day or days then I just don't play. But if you heavily believe there's no progress at your own pace then that's your choice to believe that. I won't argue with it.
  3. Just discard them. There's literally no reason to compensate you on those since it came from Soul shields that you most likely had no more use for. I couldn't imagine what they would give us in return for those.
  4. Feels like a stress test if you feel as though you need to rush for everything. But that's only me since I take my time in everything on this game.
  5. Storyline Quests, Orange Quests and Dungeon dailies provide gold. No point in asking for it. For tips, just play on through and you'll find out as you go since it's pretty much is all going to be new to you and ask questions if you're curious or confused about something.
  6. I got curious and only did the calculations for the costs and profit of Transformation stones last night. Costs roughly 250g to craft 35 Transformation stones If you sold the stones for ~18g each then you'd make roughly 613g(going by NA prices). So you'd make more or less around 360-365g profit.
  7. Gotta put out the effort if you want to actually profit on all characters now, which is perfectly fine with me.
  8. Not necessarily. You can just use your alts to gather the materials your main needs to craft the items you want. I.E: Get an alt to Soul Warden, have them order 4 days worth of Wood materials. Once thats done, send over what your main needs then use a few to make Guild keys on your alt to send over to your main later. You don't have to get any achievements or higher level in the guild to order more materials. So it's pretty much saying play your main character, get rare elements, wait for alts' materials order to finish, craft tradeable crafts on main, make profit.
  9. Rare Elements aren't that rare, at least to me. I've been getting a good amount of them from each Artisan Chest. And the crafting fees aren't that expensive when it comes to the tradeable options. You're able to sell the items you're crafting that cost higher in fees so having that large of a gold sink to craft them is fine since you'll be making profit from it in the end.
  10. Pretty much this new system is saying "Play your main character to make profit while your alts can give you the materials needed". If you so happen to have the same guilds as your main on alts and just do the Material orders.
  11. Anything from Ebondrake Citadel and higher gives Material Chests. Dawn also gives a Material Chest on the weekly quest. 6v6 as well but not worth mentioning unless you do 6v6 constantly.
  12. I agree with this. More annoyed that I can't send my Samurai Phantom weapon chest to my Gunner that I saved for until now.
  13. Watch your words, you'll start a panic when it's not even needed. First off, you don't NEED 10 Beluga wins to craft Transformation stones. You only NEED it to craft the x15 option while the x35(the better one) is under the Desolate Tomb 1 time clear achievement. Second off, Master Chest from the Beluga/WWV 3 wins weekly/1 win daily does NOT give a guaranteed 1 Element, it's the same RNG chance as the Artisan Chest since it has a "%" symbol next to Rare Element. Also if I remember correctly you get an Artisan Chest via Dynamic Quest from Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Cit
  14. It's currently being looked into, no need to cause a panic just yet.
  15. You can buy as many as you want as long as you have 5 Naryu Tablets and finished Act 6.
  16. Since it seems like it's backed up in requests, yes you're going to have to wait a while for each response most likely.
  17. There's a difference between ignoring and doing things in order. After you reply to a ticket your ticket goes back to the bottom of the list until they reach it again. That can take up to hours since you are not the only one sending in tickets so have patience.
  18. Yes, any new character from now and until the event is over can obtain the 65 Bells when they complete Act 4 Chapter 38.
  19. Either Blade Master or Soul Fighter would be the best options for you.
  20. Gotta attack the KR devs about the "Re-sealing" system since only KR has it as far as I know and they're the only ones that can approve of it being implemented to us. The option for it has been there since the game came to NA/EU but nothing has been said about it. But anyways, it's already been apparent that paying players gained favor on Support when it comes to requesting certain things. Not much you can do about since Support chose whoever they wanted to help but it seems like now they've been forced to put their foot down and not do transfers for anyone.
  21. Support has already stopped transferring gear post patch anyways. Even a mega whale got denied having his gear transferred to his Gunner.
  22. It was "demanded" when Warlock was released and "demanded" when Soul Fighter was released. You see the result of those "demands"? And yes, Merry Potter compensation.
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