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  1. Thank you for your answer. i have grind + continue the story and now im at the Act 7 chapter 5 (690 AP / 62k hp) Im actually at the True Ivorymoon stage 10 and i didnt notice it was another path except the seraph one (had to left click on it to switch) why seraph give better dps? i read baleful are better because the proc are when you hit, instead of when you get hit I didnt understood the cardinal / auric nebula stones, where we get them? they reduce the cost of gold or the cost of material? for HM Skill i bought the lightning draw but now i have to hit
  2. Hello everyone, im a returning player and i created an alt BD (around lv20 actually) (i was previously a KFM and Warlock) I played 1 year ago so all my guide and skills are now outdated (when i played the max lv was 45), so sorry about those newbish questions who will follow. After those few level i decided to create a new BD but use a 50lv voucher (dont have really the time to leveling, and i can affort it without issue so isnt really the topic) + buying the duelist pack + activated a very old code to get a 7day premium + a black pinguin guardian (blue), so i would
  3. Im wondering to buy this voucher aswell, I stopped BnS last year and i create a new alt recently, yes the exp are faster than before now but its really boring and annoying I even considered to buy the boucher + the duelist pack for the HM skills, to try an "insta pvp fun", but the game changed so much that im not sure which of them are required. The new talents tree are confusing aswell. (my account is founder and i have still 2600nc not used since)
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