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  1. like the other trove gems. I got it on my undergeared alt which i don't plan on playing that much. I wrote a ticket and the response was they will transfer it but it might be a one time courtesy. Which is nice and all but making it account bound would make it so much easier.
  2. Blade dancer boss KD

    There's a reason why people ask for min. 115% accuracy. Because if it's not the cc immunity as written above it's this. For 4man version I heard minimum is 117%. But generally is better to go with 120% you will need it in the upcoming dungeons too.
  3. So I noticed when I run BSH 6m in the end the reward chest doesn't have a drop chance on soul shield nor accessories. Is this intentional or is it a bug? I'm trying to gear up my force master and it's nightmare because of this. I don't know if it's only this dungeon as I need upgrades only from this.
  4. BSC/BSH 4 Man Dungeon drops merged with the 6man?

    It drops from the 6m now
  5. Attack Power

    Check their gear and see the differences for yourself. You also have only awakened siren stage 8. Get that diamond, you'll notice the boost.
  6. Attack Power

    You don't have the attack power diamond (purple pentagonal has 25 attack power) neither the pirate bracelet.
  7. Blackram Narrows

    You know you can buy the weapon for tokens, right?
  8. Marketplace problems ?

    Relogging doesn't help. This is happening since the yesterday's restart of the EU servers. If you refresh a page it takes too long sometimes and after few tries it pop ups "Cannot display page" even if you click on favorite item it loads too long.
  9. The costume from master pack is account bound :)
  10. Clock 1 hour off

    Is there a way to change the clock in-game? It's off one hour from my zone.