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  1. Trove ?

    Whenever Daily Dash ends. 21 March or something.
  2. Dann drück dich das nächste mal besser aus. Etwas als "nutzlos" zu deklarieren, weil man zu faul ist..
  3. Sorry, bin davon ausgegangen, dass jeder "reddit blade and soul" googlen kann. Dem ist wohl nicht so.
  4. Schau auf Reddit, da gibts einiges zu sehen. Allgemeines Fazit lautet aber, dass die RNG Box großer Mist ist .
  5. Oce/Sea sever?

    Don't count on it. It will probably never happen under NCWest. Maybe NCSoft sells the rights to another Publisher, but even that has pretty much 0 chance of happening.
  6. Alternative way for Lucent Earring

    Excuse me. The post of antarean totally confused me, I thought you meant dungeons in general ;)
  7. Alternative way for Lucent Earring

    Since when does Lucent earring drop outside of necro?
  8. Alternative way for Lucent Earring

    uh, wrong topic?
  9. Alternative way for Lucent Earring

    Trove next month.
  10. Don't. In the latest KR test-server, gunner got nerfed hard again lol :|
  11. Other people I know also have these problems, but not to the extend of HOURS. I'm talking about 1h max. I myself NEVER EVER had this problem with NCSoft mails (max was 2min of waiting for me). So, do you use your mails with a locally installed program (i.e. Thunderbird), or do you use web-access? I made the experience that the servers kinda shadow ban you if you try to fetch emails too often in a certain amount of time. You won't have these problems with web-access. Did you try contancting your mail-provider, why these mails come in so late? It doesnt neccessarily mean that it is NCSofts fault.
  12. Anmelde probleme

    So viele Informationen... Wow..
  13. You trigger the crosshair (or your skill 3) by using your RMB. RNG = Random Number Generator, meaning, you have a % chance to activate the skill. Percentage varies depending on badges/HM skills etc.
  14. Skill patch probably in April when the season ends.
  15. Making 2 tickets will only make it go slower. Bumping your ticket will make it to go the end of line. Be patient. Everyone is sending tickets right now, for the same reason as you.
  16. Why NC doesn't reply the ticket?

    Relax. They will answer soon, but they get flooded with support requests right now, because everyone and their mother wants to reset their weapons to go raven-path instead of dawn/rift. Also, do not bump your ticket, because that will make your ticket go right back to the end of the line.
  17. Die 2. Seele belegt den gleichen Item-Slot und hat auch andere Stats (+1 AP, nicht Boss AP). Ich VERMUTE, dass das jetzige Item wirklich nur ein Platzhalter ist, bzw. nur für den Effekt da ist. Die "richtige" Seele hat diesen Effekt nicht. Außerdem ist die 2. Seele aufwertbar zu 99% durch F10 bzw. Dungeon-Drops im Hardmode. So ist es zumindest in jeder anderen Region, die es schon hat. Ja, mit Essenzen meine ich die Tickets zum Drehen.
  18. Einfach das Rad ignorieren und die Essenzen für 1g verticken. Ich will eh nicht pink leuchten, und das Item wird nach der Ranking-Season eh hinfällig, weil dann die 2. Seele kommt.
  19. You do realise you can just LFP everything up to NS, yea? No need to join any 1k+ groups.
  20. While I agree with you... NCSoft intended it to be this way. Regarding this: hate the game, not the player.
  21. .. für 32k Gold, nicht weniger. PM ingame an beruang , oder hier im Forum an mich, dann leite ich es weiter.
  22. Also 1min 3s CD on Tab. Aiiight. At least he was clever to hide his HP so that plebs like OP fall for this. :|
  23. Threat For every Class pls, Sick of VT

    Why is it broken? ... This just shows that some of the raid members are too stupid to look at the dps meter. They should NEVER EVER be above the range tank - they need to watch their dps. And the 2nd time was the tanks fault - too close to mob.
  24. Threat For every Class pls, Sick of VT

    Wait another few months, lol. Meanwhile, have your raid learn how not to steal aggro from range tank and to even out the partys dps. Hundreds of other raids can do it, why can't you ? Stealing aggro is really only possible in the beginning, once the bosses switch, the others can't really steal your aggro. And since both bosses switch the teams, HP should even out after first phase. If not, have one side stop dps - aint that hard.