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  1. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    We need to wait for the next skillpatch. 4 debuff can't be cleansed from bosses and lasts 12seconds (currently bosses can cleanse the debuff and it only lasts 10s). KR got this patch 1 month ago. I hope NC doesnt need long to implement this patch, as legacy badge became pretty much useless. For now, Limitless is the way to go (works with long and short soul)
  2. You're wrong. Only classes where skyshatter (or any focus regen non BT ring) could be better is fire kfm and wind sum. Maybe even shadow gunner with crap gear (if no focus regen on soul) but thats it.
  3. Yes. Yes, you do NOT need pinnacles.
  4. Why nerf Gunners?

    I dunno why people cry about fire gunners MAIN ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING DPS SKILL PENETRATING DEFENSE. This makes any defense skill of ANY class practically USELESS, which is broken af. Gunners need to actually CC people now and not just RB+F like a braindead monkey. We get instant knockup with our C - if the team focuses ppl in the air its over fast. Even if 1 person is tanky as hell, if you have gunner + WL, they can both extend air-time, gl surviving that. Bulletstorm is still AoE, but can only fire at one target, not everyone - it's still strong.
  5. 1. Make all items bound to account, with a reasonable mailing fee. We worked for our items, we should be able to use them on all chars. 2. More open world farm-spots without random field quests. The idea behind Celestial Basin is good, but the random quests are stupid af. Just make a spot with lots of mobs, which can also be run in a party, and have it drop mats. Dungeons get old very fast. This is my main reason why I always take breaks from BnS. It gets freakin boring running the same dungeon 2903482034 times with 824889 seconds of loading screens. Let us grind in open world ! SSP sucks balls and is event-driven, which is bad design imho.
  6. Why nerf Gunners?

    Gunner main here... Our DPS is broken AF. Fire more than shadow. Having roughly 25-30% more DPS than every other class is just plain stupid. Though, I do not know what NCSoft was thinking when they just shifted fire gunners damage but gutted shadow gunner. Fire was stronger than shadow before nerf, and will be even more stronger than shadow after the "nerf". Shadow was recently buffed in KR again (very SLIGHTLY, instant bulletstorm instead of buildup your gauge), but that doesnt mean much tbh. Shadow is pretty much declared dead as fire is better than shadow in every aspect AND fire also has more builds - utilizing short and long soul - while shadow gunner is cancer with long soul. End of story: Nerf is good, gunners were OP. Gunners will still be #1 DPS. Sucks that NC doesnt release the newest skill patch - has a lot of QoL changes and better balance.
  7. They rarely announce trove in previews.
  8. 2018 graphics update. (unofficial)

    Isnt that just SweetFX/ReShade or whatever it's called? Google ReShade, install, and voila, your game looks like the screens above.
  9. Waffen / Schmuck Effekte

    Doch. Schau mal genauer hin. In dem Sheet ist das der "Empowered State"
  10. Waffen / Schmuck Effekte

    "Kann man nicht schnell genug lesen" - Schonmal was von dem Print-Button gehört? :D Ansonsten... verlasst euch nie auf Infos von NC, vor allem nicht NCWest. Die Patch-Notes sind so grottig schlecht, falsch und nichtmal ansatzweise vollständig. Greift lieber auf Dokumente von Spielern zurück, so wie das hier (Excel Online)
  11. Mental strenght can be defined as a skill, yes. If you lose your focus due to shitty tactics, that's on you. I don't PvP, but mental strength is a very big point in a competitive setting in general.
  12. Gunner's E

    If theres a way going up (or on bridges), your E will sometimes grey out, yes. You might wanna try first spec of E, it should always hook, even if it's just on the spot. First spec in general has less issues - even in arena. You can hook into a wall and just hook on your spot to iframe - you can't do that with the 2nd spec. For 2nd spec, try to jump before you hook - if the way goes up. Didnt have any other situations where E didn't work.
  13. I'm going to be blunt here. If you can't easily kill boss1 after 500 tries, I dare to say that some members of your raid are mentally challenged. It seems to me that you (I do not know what mistakes your raid makes, so its "you") absolutely do not understand how the mechanics work. If you know that you're not the one doing the mistakes, then just DROP that raid - it's obviously filled with people that are unwilling to learn or research. Search for a new raid, life goes on. You don't even need to be in a coordinated team for boss1. We did boss1 as a random raid in 2 tries, just because everyone knew what they had to do. You can't blame your failures on the game. Yes, it has some bugs, but most of em can be worked around. Make mistakes, learn from them, don't repeat them.
  14. If there are no listings in F9, they go buy them via RMT anyway, so that's no argument. There are no listings BECAUSE of the cap. Players simply dont want to sell their hard earned gold for a penny.
  15. It's a joke that there is a cap anyway. Let players freaking decide for themselves for how much they wanna sell their gold. Who cares if it's 1:10, 1:30 or 1:1. If it gets bought - fine, if not, who cares, it will expire in x hours.
  16. Fix gunner class, or quitting game.

    Could it be... that you're assuming SSP is a PvP zone? How could you??? Kappa.
  17. how to get enough players to kill...

    Ignore them. Waste of time.
  18. silverfrost moutains area

    Again, finish story first. If you need help and have questions, I suggest you download discord and join the Academy-Server. Lotsa helpful people - not saying that the people here dont help, but on discord you'll most probably get help way faster than here.
  19. 7F Mushins Tower Gunner

    Finish story first.
  20. Gunner 40 focus bug ?

    Then you simply have no idea how to play a gunner. Gunners, doesnt matter what element, have the highest DPS in our game. Only class that gets close is assassin.
  21. Bei "Borderless Window" ist dieses Verhalten leider normal. Es versucht sich immer am Desktop anzupassen. Da es randlos ist, und eine 3D-Anwendung, kann es durchaus vorkommen, dass es sich mal in den Vordergrund, vor allem vor dem Desktop, mogelt. Auch wenn man Windows+D drückt - womit alles minimiert wird, beim Öffnen von z.B. einem Ordner, rückt das BnS-"Fenster" aber wieder nach vorne. Das ist aber kein BnS-spezifisches Problem, sondern damit haben die meisten "Borderless Window"-Games Probleme. Im richtigen Fenster-Modus sollte dieses Verhalten normalerweise nicht auftreten.
  22. Gunner 40 focus bug ?

    It's normal.
  23. Why aren't Pet Packs Account Bound?

    You got something mixed up. Bount to account materials are the reason why they can make them more available. Just as they did with Elysian/Sacred/Soulstone Crystals. Pet Pots = tradeable, hard to get Pet Packs = untradeable, bound to account, easier to get. They just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up again.
  24. You're a WL. Go arena and hooba hooba hooba your opponents. Easy Soulstones. But yes, SSP is a shitfest.