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  1. Shop Gear, Where to get now?

    You can't get then anymore. Event is over.
  2. He's using macros. Try one yourself. You'll be faster.
  3. Not really, you just don't hit into their spin the first 0.5s. If you know the animation it's easy to tell.
  4. ever heard of knockdown ? Also, next patch BM gets parry on their block again. So BMs get the same stuff as BD/DES, just not as a spin, but a normal block.
  5. Selling gold at a 1:2 ratio

    Getting Gold has never been easier. Go farm DD/RT. Blood Pearls go for 50g+, Silver Scales go for 100-400g. Easy gold, and let's not forget the 100-5000g boxes :>
  6. When the gauge is full, it will stop "swallow" all your mats. You dont really need to count.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Such a beauty.
  8. Sacred Oils

    In KR, yes. We most probably won't get the RNG-Upgrade, as that has never been a thing for EU/NA.
  9. [Sugestion] Duel on open World

    There are more than 2 factions in this game :<
  10. VT Asuras stack question

    I stand corrected. Apparently the "x% damage per stack" was a thing with 24man VT but was changed once 12man was introduced.
  11. Make the VT mats tradable

    You're not stuck. You refuse to follow the non-raid path. Not being able to find a VT raid is totally on you, not the game.
  12. [Sugestion] Duel on open World

    Ever heard of different faction outfits? oO
  13. NCWest sell gold on F9

    F9 was 1:1 last trove too.... People just wanna sell their gold very fast, thats why they're undercutting. Also, this trove, you get lotsa gold back from the secret safes...
  14. Worst Trove Ever

    Lmao. Don't gimme that crap. I open at least 1000 keys every trove, but unlike you, I know what gambling and RNG means. It's just (bad) luck. This trove was 2000 keys, got 1 gilded gem crit.
  15. Worst Trove Ever

    Yes, it is. RNG is RNG. You can open 10k keys without a gilded gem.
  16. Worst Trove Ever

    Your issue is that you don't know how RNG works.
  17. cannot receive items from mail box

    Don't right click on the list. Select an item, then right click the icon on the lower right side (under the message). Read the patch notes, Cricket.
  18. Combos for most classes are braindead in the end, to the point where it doesnt really matter if its macro'd or not - which is why NC will introduce some kinda ingame macro themselves too. What you can't macro is the mechanic of bosses. You need to dodge, block, iframe them. This is where your "reaction/responses" comes from, not combos.
  19. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    Not if the enemy team is close to one another. Bulletstorm is still AoE, can only be used at one target though. So, if your teammate is close to you, both of you will die - except if you have good def/cdef.
  20. Thank you for DESTROYING whole market

    You realize that everyone and their mother can't wait to upgrade their equip and does it now, at the same time ? It was already mentioned, give it a few days and prices will be back to "normal".
  21. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    Yes, I do know how KRs economy works. Yes, dragon express is cheaper, everything else is ALOT more expensive. As for the second soul, here you go. You wanna get a drop from a dungeon in KR ? Be prepared to pay thousands of gold.
  22. Why Frankfurt tho?

    Totally possible, and actually a fact. Just because your route to the server sucks, doesnt mean it's not real.
  23. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    Do you actually realise what you're looking at? He's opening the secret safes from trove (we also have that). He has max elemental soul, which costs ~$1700. He's a whale. This was also the first trove where I did not need to buy gold, because of those safes. Lots of 1k/300g procs.