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  1. The whole raid/non-raid path discussion is stupid anyway. It's only good if you have the patience to gather all materials to go from raid path -> next non-raidpatch -> raid-path again, as the non-raid path, even the next weapon, is weaker than the raid path. The only real viable class that can go non-raid path is earth destroyer. But the fact remains, that the each weapon is an upgrade if you stay in that path. (even Aransu9 -> GC3)
  2. Kann es sein, dass sich die Einstellungen nicht synchronisieren bei dir? Im Charakterauswahl-Menü kannst du einstellen, ob die Settings aus der Cloud oder deinem PC genommen werden sollen - ist ein Versuch wert. Sollten sich deine Einstellungen nicht syncen, werden ja automatisch die Standard-Settings wieder genommen. Vielleicht passt meine Theorie ja. Ansonsten weiterhin viel Erfolg beim Lösen des Problems.
  3. Dreamsong Theatre Final Boss

    It's possible, especially with a summoner in party. You knockdown at 80% (before he goes into phase) and have the sum sit his cat on the boss. Long soul also makes this easier.
  4. F8 wird meist nur mehr Gear gefordert, weil man kennt die Leute nicht und weiß nicht, ob die die Mech beherrschen spart Zeit weniger mech = weniger Möglichkeiten zum Scheiße bauen = siehe Punkt über diesen Zum Thema Solo-Ini: Keiner zwingt euch die Sachen direkt am ersten Tag zu haben, noch seid ihr genötigt immer den Endboss zu töten. Es gibt sehr viele Leute die einfach nur die ersten paar Bosse töten und den Endgegner (Hong,Mao) gar nicht anpacken. Bei Master Hong z.B. war ich innerhalb 4-5 Stunden fertig. Mao hat ca. 2 Wochen (brauchte insgesamt 105 runs) bei mir gedauert, weil der Dungeon einfach ätzend ist und dementsprechend die Motivation auch sehr niedrig. Wo ich euch recht gebe ist die drop-rate des Handschuhs. Die ist in der Tat ziemlich mau. Habe in mittlerweile 150 runs nur 4 Handschuhe gesehen - einige gar keinen nach 200 runs. Das ist ziemlich deprimierend, da stimme ich euch zu. Man sollte mMn einrichten, dass die man die Handschuhe z.B. für 10-20 Fragmente kaufen kann. Aber auch sind die Kosten der Necklace bei Mao viel zu hoch angesetzt meiner Meinung nach - da sollte man ebenfalls nachbessern. Selbst in Korea (die das grinden gewohnt sind) war es viel einfacher - du hast für die Daily 1 komplettes Emblem bekommen, sprich nach X Tagen hattest du es zu 100%. Des Weiteren haben Leute, die gerade erst mit BnS angefangen haben, absolut gar nichts in den neuen Inis verloren. Die müssten nämlich erstmal ganz wo anders anfangen und nicht bei den High-End dungeons. Macht man 2-3 Wochen lang immer die Daily/Weekly Challenge ist man relativ schnell auf bei der Raven-Waffe. Dann kommt F20 für bracelet, Becken für Tier1 Leggy Zeug etc pp. Danach kann man dann so langsam überlegen ob man Yeo/Hong angeht. Das effektivste für jeden neuen Spieler wäre sowieso, sich erstmal so viele lv55 chars zu machen wie es nur geht, um die Events effektiver nutzen zu können.
  5. Dreamsong Theatre Final Boss

    NM: You can skip all mechs. HM: first boss you need mech yea - 2nd boss only need to do conduct, thats all.
  6. Fire and Shadow are basically on the same level right now. The only difference is fire is burst oriented while shadow is sustain oriented. If the fight only lasts 30s, then yea, fire will top shadow all the time. Shadow also needs to be fps/ping carried to play that element to its max potential. Edit: Also, gunner is the most rng class there is. Especially for shadow - if you don't get a reset, your DPS will take a huge hit.
  7. Can we get our old DC back?

    So you're one of those that want everything for free. Funny guy. You basically get raven1/3 for free from story+1 weekly/daily challenge. Buy first tier of legendary accs with draken cores and you're fine for IF/EL. If you get kicked, blame the community. Make friends, find a clan, whatever. You definitely do not need to be a whale, just be less lazy.
  8. Can we get our old DC back?

    How about gearing up your alts then ? It's called daily _challenge_, not daily hangout.
  9. You can farm Celestial Basin. Pretty chill, easy af mobs with a bit of gear.
  10. Yes, KR already has "Eternal Temple" as a new raid. No, you can't skip TT gears. BT+TT give Ring/Earring, VT+ET give badge and necklace.
  11. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    ET necklace is only better for a few classes. Prophecy neck is still better than ET neck for gunners, for example. Preferably you'd want at least 1 Person in each Party to have the ET neck to apply the debuff - PVE Necklace+ET Neck Buff = better than ET
  12. Last I've heard, bug bomb stays in mid, no matter where the people go, right ? So just leave mid after KD. Know the timing and you're fine. If you don't have enough DPS, tough luck - gear up for a month and go at it again. Not saying buggy raidboss is ok, that's total bullshit from NC, but quitting over such a tiny thing is petty imho. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  13. That just means that either you're not equipped to do the job, or not good enough to do it. Bug bomb, if working correctly, has always been a mech with HQ. If you don't know how to work around it, read a guide on how to manage the bomb. It was a bug/fail of NC to reduce the mechanics, it was never intended !
  14. Another Newbie Question

    You should also check out BnS Academy Discord (link is on the subreddit), there are a bunch of helpful people. They also did a guide for new players - how to gear, in which order, what to run/do etc - Check it out !
  15. DST Challenge mode - A disapointment

    If you did 4 or 5 phases, you should be at 40k+ points. Whaling down the boss with mediocre mechs will yield like 25k. DPS is nothing in this dungeon, you actually need to stop DPS for a while because mechs give more points than speed killing. For example, we get 5,3k points for the first red mask phase - how many points do you get? With a perfect setup, you can probably reach like 45k-50k points.
  16. Thats because you got hit from her weapon with a specific attack which is multi hit. Most of her attacks are single hit, which means you only get 1 stack. She's quite easy once you got used to her retarded RNG pattern (4 in total). Basically just know when and how to iframe certain attacks, thats all.
  17. Ich bin wohl bescheuert

    Durch Premium kriegt man nicht mehr HP. Entweder hast du was an deinem Equip verändert oder die HM-Punkte anders verteilt.
  18. Fire Gunner Badge

    Legacy and Limitless are the best badges for gunners. Tanks usually use HMBlock at the beginning if a mob does AoE attacks at the start, so the party can dps without interruption - if not, you gotta know the boss rotation. In raids, this can differ. TT Boss1+2 will have major desyncs with your soul and SB/BB - which is why I use Limitless here. Boss3 on the other hand is awesome with Legacy as theres almost no downtime on boss.
  19. Is this news to anyone? Everyone should be aware that NCWest is "only" the publisher here, while the devs are in KR and KR only. NCWest can ask KR devs for x and y, if they comply is a whole different story.
  20. The direction this game is heading.

    The only thing keeping BnS alive is the combat system. Bless Online already failed twice in asia and russia, and the next rework for EU/NA doesnt promise much either. Optimization is also bad in Bless as it also uses UE3 and has lots of memory leaks.
  21. IF = Irontech Forge, Affendungeon EL = Ebondrake Lair SSM = Starstone Mines HH = Hollows Heart DD = Drowning Deeps Das Spiel auf englisch spielen hat schon seine Vorteile, vor allem wenn man in F8 ist.
  22. Maybe be more careful or look them up in F3...
  23. The direction this game is heading.

    No, it's for PC, too. They showed a preview that included UE4, Housing mechanics etc. BnS PC is listed in UE4 Wiki for 2018, while mobile versions are still TBA.