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  1. May I ask where there no matchmaking ?

    Premade parties get matched against other premade parties. Solo players get matched with other solo players. It certainly does matter and I like it.
  2. Switch EU servers to EU NOW!!!

    EU GameServers are located in Frankfurt. I wouldn't have 15ms (despite the lag spikes) ping if they were in Texas. The IP is registered in Texas, therefore a WHOIS tells you this server is in Texas. If it's just a troll comment, just gtfo. Lag spikes are annoying in EU. I actually have to reroute myself (I live in germany) from germany->france->germany to avoid the lag spikes. This results 100% ping increase (10-20 to 30-40), but way less lag spikes (7 spikes/minute -> 0.3 spikes/minute)
  3. Warning i'm really salty.

    Instead of pressing LFP, you could have started your own group with your own requirement. Only afk summoners in pvp? Who cares, you get your daily challenge done in 5min, without any effort.
  4. Chi Master/Soul Fighter is mid-top-tier in PvP. In PvE, Chi Master is relatively useless. They don't buff, they don't tank, they just do damage and heal the group a bit. Also, for doing decent or good DPS, Chi Masters have to attack from behind, so they can't just stay put like FMs and pewpew.
  5. Bad Luck Earlygame

    Get level 15 (your weapon is fine until then) and buy the breakthrough weapon from market. If you play on EU, let me know. I will hook you up with some keys.
  6. Wieviel Gold?

    1x 0 Gold 4x 1 Gold 1x 10 Gold 1x 100 Gold 2 Chars
  7. Gold pack (100g,1000g)

    Daily challenge.
  8. Just Sick Of It ...

    BnS crashed max 5 times for me since release. It's your wooden PC.
  9. Isnt wawa also the guy that has 1000x100.000exp charms? Probably just spend tenthousands of bucks on trove.
  10. Beginner question. Wasting my time?

    @OP There is also a huge difference in region. NA suffers from alot of hackers and bots, while in EU it's not nearly that big of a problem. EU suffers from ping spikes more than NA. I'm on [DE] Frostgipfel. I saw maybe 5 bots since launch. I have yet to see 1 bot this season in arena. I never went to SSP, but all my clanmates do it and they never mention anything about hackers, so I guess it is save to assume that there are no hackers on my server.
  11. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    50HM4 Sin Main 50HM3 KFM Alt I was lucky that I got a Gem drop from BW a few days ago that I've sold for 700g. Before that, my KFM was at Infernal Accs and Awakened Siren and was used for PvP only.
  12. The wall hug trend

    Hugging the wall helps in certain situations. No Sin was able to web me in the corner, I have enough time to press F or any other skill before they get their web off. This isnt the case if you're knocked down in the middle of the arena.
  13. They are killable. Watch Mosh on twitch, he constantly beats them.
  14. You know that there are people that dont enjoy pvp and just let themselves get killed to get daily quest rewards? I myself rarely see any bots/hackers/whatever. I do premade (AP req recruiting) 4/6man runs, Mushin Tower, 24man fields. I don't even go SSP because I dont enjoy playing @15-20FPs, even if my daily income would increase ... This is on EU tho and I think NA has it way worse if we're talking about bots/hackers.
  15. You realise they will be back, as the cause of the problem isnt fixed? Banning them doesnt do anything if the cause of the bug/hack/whatever still exists.
  16. Out of ~270 keys I got: 50x Naryu Tablets HM Vol2 All Potions for HM Achievement 2x Gems (Ruby, Blue gem) 500x SS ~100g from ingots 50x Venom Darts 10x MTS 1x STS 5x Outfits 20x SSP Charms 30x Blackwyrm Charms 30x Misty Woods Key 3x 100k EXP Charms ~50x EXP charm fragments 15x Honorary Ornaments 20x MW Quartz ~200 Unsealing Charms Shitload of Elder Dragons
  17. P2W event.

    It is pay to win. Sure, people will call it pay2progress, but more progress = win. Let's see what you think once you see someone with 650+ AP in 6v6. You will laugh... then cry... and never play 6v6 again. Or Hell Island.. One Guild recruits all the rich guys (Xanadu in KR..) and dominates Hell Island. No other Guild can do their stuff if Xanadu is there.
  18. Top Dps class?

    Twice the atk speed of Heart Stab? I don't think so, as Heart Stab is instant when in stealth/with 5 poison stacks/HM skill. With HM you can even spam Heart Stab without poison/stealth. With perfect rotations and same stats, BM will never do more damage than a Sin. When Sins get their Flower-HM Skill, which almost doubles their damage during that buff, there is just no chance at all that BM can even get close to Sin-DPS.
  19. EU Maintenance times...

    NA and EU are LINKED. Only the gameservers are in EU, the rest of the infrastructure is in NA (Login,Daily Dash, Market, etc). That's why we will never have different maintenance times for NA/EU. Live with it.
  20. Hallo ihr lieben. Ich spiele seit knapp 2 Monaten fast nur PvP 3v3. PvE wird immer weniger, da der Spaßfaktor doch nachgelassen hat. Für PvP habe ich im Moment leider noch keine richtige Truppe gefunden, aber das versuch ich hiermit zu ändern. Dies hier ist rein zum Spaß, ich habe nicht vor irgendein Elite-Team zusammen zu stellen ;) Kurzer Überblick: Main PvE-Char: 50HM4 Sin, Gold in 1v1/3v3, nicht wirklich viel gezockt im PvP. 491 AP Main PvP-Char: 49HM3 KFM, 400 AP - Gold 1v1 1800 rating (40 matches insg, zocke nicht viel 1v1) - Platinum 3v3 2000 rating (~400 matches), ab 2000 deranke ich meistens. Sonstiges - 26 Jahre, ausm Ruhrpott - TS+Headset vorhanden - fast täglich online ab ~19 Uhr, Wochenende kann variieren - ruhiger Typ Folgende Erwartungen habe ich an euch: - Aktiv, am besten zu ähnlichen Zeiten wie ich ^^ - Keine totalen "noobs", 1700+ Rating dürfte wohl nicht zu viel verlangt sein - Ambitionen um besser zu werden und nicht direkt ragequit wenn wir mal paar mal auf die Schnauze bekommen - Keiner sollte sich zu irgendwas gezwungen fühlen. Einfach locker durch die Arena stampfen :> - Alter ist mir recht egal, solange die Personen sich anständig benehmen :) Natürlich kann man auch mal die ein oder anderen Dungeons laufen, allein schon für die Drachenzertifikate ^^ Falls Ihr Interesse habt, könnt ihr euch ja bei mir melden. :)
  21. Tier list now and at 50?

    Assassins best and easy? Destros suck at 50? KFM easy, as long as your ping is low enough? What. The. *cricket*. Did you even ever get out of Silver-Rank?