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  1. Consultation character alteration voucher

    Right now there is no race change voucher in our version. Character alteration is just your appearance, not race or gender.
  2. LFM for my Elite team

    I fit all but four of those, can I join?
  3. hacked.. bank account cleaned out!!!

    Hardly, I know where my card is attached to and I'm not attacking anyone. The fact is, their bank is the first line of contact for this. OP if you are kept on hold that long check for an online chat for your bank. It's unlikely, in this situation, that the online chat can resolve it as they generally have less tools available to them, however, they may be able to give you a direct number to your banks fraud department instead of waiting in queue. Online chats tend not to be as busy as phone services so you may have more luck there.
  4. hacked.. bank account cleaned out!!!

    Not trying to be mean, just stating it's an odd way to go about it. Also, as I said, your bank should (99.9% of banks anyway) allow you to start these claims online now days. Look for a support link, if it does not have that try a contact us and search specifically for fraud. Your bank should have a contact method strictly for fraud that bypasses the standard customer service mumbo jumbo. Note: Until you clean your system I do not recommend signing INTO your actual bank account on the same system. If you really must sign in use your phone or another system if you must sign in.
  5. hacked.. bank account cleaned out!!!

    Did I forget to mention that? Yeah I should mention that they should contact their bank. Should check the bank site as well for fraud paperwork. Most ( I can't say all anymore, because OPs bank is retarded) have paperwork available to file online to get the process started. Yes, it will require paperwork and for the OP to provide ID and confirmation the account is theirs before the bank can resolve anything. This is SOP. Honestly, if this really happened and they were in the neg and unable to contact their bank I find it very hard to believe they'd just be chatting on a gaming forum... But, to each their own I guess. A $50 charge on my card when I was on vacation out of state had my bank calling me to confirm it was me making the charge... How does a bank let it go to thousands?
  6. hacked.. bank account cleaned out!!!

    Before the Doomsday, the end of NCSoft is nigh! Burn them to the ground! crowd hops on the bandwagon. 1) That sucks 2) You have a horrid bank. I've been a member with three different banks and ALL of them will contact you for a potential suspicious withdrawal. Thousands with in such a short time certainly counts as suspicious. Get a new bank or some added security. 3) Considering your personal e-mail was hacked you probably have malware on your system like a keylogger. Run a scan (and not using a useless 'free trial' program!) 4) Contacting you bank is more important. It's called fraud, which is for your BANK to investigate and handle. 5) You bank is a horrid bank for "being busy". Again never been a member of a bank I could not reach the customer service of. 6) Why in the world are you bothering to spend time posting on a gaming forum if you are in the neg for balance? Seriously... CONTACT your bank. If it doesn't work. CONTACT your bank AGAIN. 7) NCSoft can work with you in securing your NCSoft account again but considering your personal email was breached I find it hard to believe it is NCSoft security at fault in this. 8) CONTACT YOUR BANK! Did I mention, contact your bank?
  7. VISUAL BUG: Temptation Outfit

    Yes she is.
  8. VISUAL BUG: Temptation Outfit

    Tried ,mine with and without lighting on and zoomed out. Shows correctly for me. Not sure why yours is poofing. Maybe try going through some other graphic settings to see if it makes a difference? Rendering distance maybe? No idea.
  9. Temptation outfit.

    "First Chance" simply implies there will be more chances later to get this costume.
  10. Temptation outfit.

    I think you guys are overreacting. Considering it was a miscommunication that it was even going to be today for the costumes. Also, I seriously doubt it's going to be a "chance." If you completed the challenge you'll get your costume.
  11. Temptation outfit.

    Per their patch notes - HERE - "Warlock Leveling Challenge rewards will be sent out to those who qualify by 6pm PST on March 9" It is not yet 6:00pm even as I am posting this 40 minutes after your post.
  12. Naryu Labyrinth costumes

    The female version had a bug/issue with it so it was not released on time. This was mention in a live stream I believe. I have not heard anything about them being in the hongmoon store only.
  13. Open a support ticket.
  14. Anyone can tell me?

    Look like it's just for glamour purposes. Doesn't seem to have any use other than that. Edit: Oops Dascorp and I posted at the same time. Sorry!

    I don't normally do these types of posts, but, whatever. I'm excited for the Lock so here she is (for now).