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  1. Even if they could, they wouldn't. It'd be too abusable, people could make a Summoner and abuse the cat for easy PvE, and then ask support to change their class to what they actually want. Not only that, but you'd have to get a new weapon anyway, since it's not magically going to become the weapon you need. Even if it wasn't abusable, they actually can't do this. It's not something they implemented, so there is no way for them to change your class. Even if the absolute highest ranked person on NCSoft's team decided that he wanted to change your class, he wouldn't be able to. Might as well just
  2. It's probably because this event has encouraged a lot of people to spend money on NCoins. They're probably dealing with an overflow of NCoin requests, just like how a server would be if too many players logged on
  3. This is a very well known issue. You should get accustomed to searching the forums about certain issues before making topics. You will not get pleasant responses when you create topics that have been talked to death about
  4. People that abuse vote kicking in this way are far less than those that abuse it without. With vote kick you could host it with friends if you're that scared of it being abused. It's a lot better, and even if you dislike the idea, it's still the lesser of two evils
  5. I agree that it's annoying to see people post goodbyes on here, but it actually has an impact if enough of them are posted for the same reasons. We seriously need NCSoft to change their priorities. I'd rather be behind in content compared to the other servers, instead of being able to catch up but with a ton of issues. I feel like the dev team are on autopilot, just continuously hammering away to get us caught up to the others, that way they can use whatever the other servers use to combat these issues. Which is fine, if they actually had a decent way to at least combat them now. They can prob
  6. Oh jesus christ my sides Yeah this game could definitely benefit from better servers. It usually doesn't matter when you're playing a PvE game, but this game is heavily PvP focused. A high ping does not do it justice
  7. What's up with people being completely unable to defend NCSoft? They claim there's no censorship, but when they're proven wrong they just call it false or say it doesn't matter, completely ignoring the fact that they said there is absolutely none, with all the confidence in the world. I dislike censorship, but honestly I could care less about the censorship in this game. I dislike it when localization censors a part of a video game's story, but none of us are playing this game for the story. I couldn't even tell you what anyone's name is besides Jinsoyun and Mushin. Some cos
  8. Let's just all NEVER share our opinions or have simple discussions and conversations. He's just curious as to what people think about the costume. You New Yorkers are so uptight It's simple and nice, so I like it. A lot of costumes just seem gaudy to me, and some others just have too much going on for me to care. It wouldn't reach my top 5 list if I had to make one, but I'd still consider it before Night Luna, or the Labyrinth costumes. Way before
  9. I'm going to send a ticket in. I'm going to be extremely annoyed if it's not meant to be mailable with stamps. Looks nice on my Yun FM, but her long hair straight up just clips through the fur and is extremely jarring
  10. Ok I've already accepted that we can only mail costumes bought through the hongmoon store to our other characters, but this one isn't mailable. Why is that? Is this a mistake, or is NCSoft being shady as all hell still?
  11. Damn. I thought you couldn't buy them with HM coins, but you can, it's just not on the popular items. Probably so people don't realize it, so it is still a shady move, but not enough for me to be this mad. I also got a lot of soulstones on my first one, so that's something at least
  12. A lot of us were excited for it because the last RNG box event didn't have the currency exchange yet, and then they pull this crap? It's gotten IMMENSELY difficult to actually defend NCSoft lately, but now I'm just going to stop. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but then they make this paid only and not include hongmoon coins. It'd be fine if it was JUST the costumes, but you can get some really nice stuff in it that isn't just aesthetic.
  13. So you'd rather stare at a screen with a bunch of text? Go read a book then. Complaining about the certificate being gone is doing absolutely nothing, so go read or do something else. There are a bunch of other games with fulfilling PvP. If the loss of the Small Dragon Certificate is that huge for you, there's other options. I really do hope they deal with the bots, but until then they probably won't introduce the Small Dragon Certificate back.
  14. So you're just going to go right to insults instead of using logic, huh? Also, you still haven't answered why you find dailies boring, yet doing nothing but *cricket* on a forum isn't.
  15. I agree and disagree. An administrator or GM coming online and banning bots is not even going to put a dent in it. There's a dozen servers, each with a ton of channels. Even if there were 3 admins on, they would barely be able to ban a noticeable amount considering how much there are. They could hire a lot of people and have them do the banning, but time zones are a thing. Nobody can be on 24/7, and also they'd have to pay them. That'd just make them need more money, and that would hurt the players, because no one is going to just get on a game and do nothing but ban bots for hours for free.
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