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  1. Not going to quote you because that is a huge message, and I don't know how to crop quotes without messing it up. I do agree, I like my entertainment like video games and shows in the original language. If I had to choose, I'd choose Korean for this game. When it comes to anime, I prefer Japanese. When I watch telenovelas cause I'm in the mood to laugh at something cheesy, I watch them in Spanish. I don't like ALL video games in their native language though. I'd agree with Metro, but a lot of games imported from Japan get actually good voice actors. Metal Gear series being my bigg
  2. Holy shit. I can list like 30 things wrong with this game, and you guys want them to ignore that and just go ahead and make the tits bigger. If the boobs being too small for your tastes are a big enough issue that you have to make a post about it, I'm thinking you're playing the wrong game. Economy and PvP are being skewed because of bots, and you guys complain about tits.
  3. I usually prefer English voices in my video games, but dear god my 11 year old sister could do a better job than the voice actors in this game. I'm pretty sure she could do a better job voice acting the men too, everyone is terrible. Going to consider trying this to get the Korean voices. Not used to Korean, but it's better than English. I am still insanely salty about Soha and her new voice. Juwol didn't get a new voice actress
  4. Alright, first time uploading pics so let's see if it works. Yun Forcemaster My main, Kungfu Master Warlock Gon Destroyer And my favorite, Jin Blademaster. Pure White is a nice costume, but I'm not that into it. Only using it because I have nothing better for her. Was buying fabrics and high quality fabrics because I really wanted Fragrance of Life, and then now all of a sudden you can buy it at the achievement merchant. I'm not a huge fan of the baby face, anime looking characters s
  5. My point against this is it introduces the people to the "e-lationship" mindset. E-lations is something to be avoided, not supported. Long distance relationships to me are fine, but e-lationships is just sketchy. People back then were getting into them, and as people have said, introduced unnecessary drama, and eventually, someone would get hurt, as a relationship where you're devoid of information on your significant other was doomed to fail from the beginning. If you want it to be a thing just because it's cute or cool, or just like in Ragnarok, practical, then ok that's cool. I
  6. I don't see the point. I failed to see the point in marriage in Ragnarok Online, and I still don't see the point.
  7. I have a few characters I want to show off. Anyone wanna be kind enough to let me know how to upload a picture on here? Haven't posted any pictures on any forums since like 2009
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