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  1. I'd settle for just not being locked into a genero jinf face. Make everyone hajoonwow
  2. Get weapons which are only available from story quest.

    If you want a sablesteel weapon you're out of luck until they add in a vendor for the story quest weapons. They won't give you any via support. At least, they didn't give one to me when I requested one.
  3. combat record...

    Against the terms of service and potentially bannable if you flaunt it, but I doubt police are going to be called on you.
  4. Jin VS Yun

    Put the jin in the bin. Go find a yun to spoon.
  5. R.I.P Profile Pictures AGAIN.

    It's not like this whole annoyance with profile pictures couldn't have been properly managed with a report profile picture button. But nope, the Eastern division doesn't care. Just keep doing everything you can to make the actual paying and playing customers feel more and more annoyed, ignored, and insulted. We weren't a market, just a piggy bank.
  6. Round of applause to all the bots

    Why not create a clan of your own and invite people the old fashioned way? It's only 50c.
  7. Localization Oopsies

    Let's just start up a thread to help bring issues with localization errors to the team's attention. It's well and dandy to say it's poor, but maybe if we show concrete evidence of goofs then things can be fixed in a more prompt manner. I'll start us off.
  8. #INVALID# on PIN screen. Need help.

    The #INVALID# is only there because someone screwed up a string entry somewhere. There is nothing wrong, mechanically, with the PIN entry screen.
  9. Stressful community

    That's racist.
  10. Warring Factions--seriously

    You can put off choosing a faction until later, when the faction you want isn't as full. ESC is a useful key.
  11. Stressful community

    Part of growing up is learning to let what other people say go, like water off a duck's back. Report what you think needs to be reported, and try to move on. PVPing will require a thick skin. Bossing will require a thick skin. If nothing else, learning how to let what other people say bounce off of you without any lasting effect is going to personally improve you. Competition has always been like this, it's not new and it's not peculiar to video games or MMOs.
  12. More Character Slots?

    I saw a post, and don't have the link on hand, of a staff member confirming that the max character slot will be bumped up and an additional slot will be made available to allow for people to still have one of every class.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Deva outfit turned out looking pretty good on Sotri.
  14. More Character Slots?

    They're not, but a luxury economy isn't dictated by need, rather by want. The character slot upgrades are very attractively priced, the company could make a bundle from people who literally do not want to buy anything else but character slots by letting them buy those slot upgrades up to their heart's content.