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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    But I'm saying, they're not doing this then leaving us in the dark. The new system to obtain gems is substantially better. I mean if we all want to sit around and pretend that the old way to transmute gems wasn't a whale fest, then I can't help you there and we're still gonna have to work for gems but it'll be easier. Though, when haven't you had to work for your gear as a f2p player? Looks like people are mad about gold compensation which, alright, I guess that's a fair complaint but I'm looking at the the fact that I don't have to sit around and wait for an event or trove every time I want to upgrade the current gems that I have.
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    I'd respond but you used "your" instead of "you're". Goodbye.
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    lmao. The salty whales on this thread are entertaining. But good. Now gems will actually be obtainable.
  4. Please Nerf Blade Dancers in Arena I want you to watch this then tell me that fms don't have insane burst. Took him a little under 20s to dish out an 100-0 combo. Fm is one of the hardest classes to pvp with. Might be why you don't think they can do anything. So yeah, if you don't know what you're doing, then you're not going to do anything. But in response to OP's post and this thread in general, idk why people are acting like BDs aren't annoying. Am I saying they need a nerf? No. They're beatable and like everyone has already mentioned, you've just got to know what you're doing and what you can use. But everyone else shoehorning this idea that BD as a class is this puritan class, without any issues what so ever, is also strange. Every class has a gimmick that makes you say "...oh come on" out loud. BD is not exempt what so ever.
  5. Silverfrost Quartz

    Holy smokes. This is why the stones are so expensive. It has, so far, taken me five days to spend my 8 pick axes, simply because there are no quartz nodes. I still have 2. I still cannot find any nodes throughout the 4 areas. I'm not asking for lesser spawn times, cause would that really help? The people camping would just get them more often. Can the node amount be increased? All I want is my stones for my weapon. They're 6g a pop. I shouldn't have to whale for quartz.
  6. and naming it "Maestro" is kinda weird but, grappling hooks!
  7. Want balance ?

    So, how is being 100-0'd in an aerial attack, without a soul burn or seemingly any sort of buff, not OP? And I'm not saying locks have it easy, or anything along those lines, but I keep hearing "warlock isn't op at all" by the class's enthusiasts and I honestly want someone to explain to me how that conclusion is met, without bringing up "well this skill got nerfed so-!" No, I'm talking about them doing massive amount of damage during an aerial, that cannot be tabbed out of, after what seems to be a simple guard break. That's what's happening now, regardless of any nerf. And again, don't think I'm flaming or coming at you, but I don't play lock so I actually want to know why that isn't considered OP.
  8. Not even sins are a problem for me anymore, as much as soulfighters. They're so erratic to the point where I can't read them and just don't know what theyre going to do next. Are they considered a class counter? Even if they are, I need help.
  9. Upcoming Skill Changes

    Well, the grapple heal was kind of nice. If the enemy didnt have a tab, you could heal yourself since they couldnt escape. I just don't like how these changes were kind of snuck in, I suppose? Apparently WL's got a real nasty nerf, but I didn't see any class changes in the patch notes, unless I completely skipped over them. :<
  10. I've been wondering about this, ever since the stream. Jonathan did mention that since the new HM level thing was being implemented, with putting points towards AP or defense, that the current HM perks wouldn't exist anymore, which makes plenty of sense but since the points only go towards offense and defense, what's going to happen to things like crit? I'm thinking those might take a huge hit, if this is the case. Or am I misunderstanding?
  11. animation cancelling

    Does SF have any animation cancelling? I'm super excited to practice it in pvp and know the ropes, but I don't know if there's any meta build ups, or things like ani cancel.
  12. KFM v sin

    Ironically, I haven't even gotten any good tips. There's only "yeah, it's pretty unbalanced" which is what I already know, or "KFMs can beat any other class, so stop crying about sin" which is even more useless because it doesn't solve anything or benefit anyone. Also, the "lol @ KFMs crying", this isn't a crying thread. This is a thread on how to beat sins as KFMs, not on how KFMs can beat any other class. The title literally indicates this, pretty straight foreward. :v
  13. KFM v sin

    Uh? What smart assassin is going to go invis and then chill near a kfm that has 2 aoe stuns, kd, and ice tab? :B Like mentioned everywhere else, the only way I can 3rf my way to victory is if the sin is a bologna sandwich and decides to use all their escapes. Most importantly, I cannot stun a sin that goes invisible then runs off, which, you know, the majority of them do. tldr: ...but I've played some more sins and at this point, I'll need a literal mentor. I do get the general message that it's not impossible, but just super difficult, which is what I already knew. Maybe I just need to watch some good kfms slap some sins or smth. I legit dk how to counter the invis. I either use my escapes, then die ofc, or don't let them bait my escapes, but still die cause they get away and now I have no escapes. It's a bit frustrating, so say the least.
  14. KFM v sin

    Every class can 100-0 and you can't 100-0 what you can't see or attack :v
  15. KFM v sin

    ooooooooooh oh okay. That makes more sense actually :B