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  1. This cannot be unsealed by right clicking or sub-menu. It's an important item in unlocking a skill point for combat effectiveness.
  2. Half of these comments are plain black and white thinking. Bots were rampant during anti-cheat existence back in the day, in both GameGuard and xIgncode. Bypass methods were publicly available and used without any backlash from the company because people were able to launch the game now to buff up those quarterly numbers :^) Enabling an anti-cheat means nothing but personal validation to say that "we have this" and feel good about it. Still boils down to NCSofts moderation team in the end, which is what it is with people wintrading to the top blatantly that NCSoft still hasn't take
  3. Aside from the usual needs for performance like no stutters, faster load screens, faster game boot up, and higher FPS in group content. I made a list of things for my wishlist for this game to improve upon or have some quality of life included. Being able to retry ToI matches without having to load out and in each time, especially if you hoard many tickets and farm stage6 boxes all at once. Remove unbind available notification Just remove the stamina bar? They want to add mounts later anyways, in gacha of course. To be able to disable more than 5 skills in the talent tr
  4. NCSoft didn't even let us vote on a poll for the server names because we're gonna be left with one server now lol
  5. disappointing, keeping the name Yura and not Zulia
  6. Been quite some time since the thread was on the front page, but got an ultrawide 34 inch monitor now, was time to create a new video wallpaper of my gon <3
  7. Monetizing outfits that were given free in the past, omegalul
  8. People only think its dying because its easy to fall behind in gear, quit, and sometimes complain, which bring another issue to the games progression itself omegalul
  9. My friend in Starlight Sailor and me in Shipmate. Stepsisters in our background story :^)
  10. Doing justice with Gon + summer waves + boom slang >:)
  11. Copy the folder to the drive you want, download the installer, and during install, pick the path to the new path you just copied to, I do it all time. It doesnt re-download the game if you set the path correctly.
  12. Bought a new Razer Chroma keyboard and was wondering if any other Razer Chroma users has had the chroma feature working for Blade & Soul. It just doesn't activate and I've disabled it for BnS for now. Other games like Overwatch and Warframe activate the feature perfectly fine. The audio visualizer app also works where I had to completely uninstall, restart, reinstall, and replug the USB to another port.
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