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  1. i see.. thx for the info... so for wind KFM the must have HM skill RMB n swift strike ..others are just luxury(good to have) hm? what abotu for fire build... is it the same as well?
  2. i see....what about fire kfm? not as good as wind kfm? could someone also link to that post on damage rating
  3. i see... would love to hear more about your opinion.... esp on HM skills essentially needed for both class(skill names perhaps) additional question> as for tank ...if i am to choose between KFM n BM...what are the pro n cons of each?
  4. both class look almost the same.... dps wise which one do better? Do SF do tanking as well? which to use as pve main ..advise/suggestion ....and also HM skills needed for the 2 class in order to pve well (wanna see the which one cost cheaper in total)
  5. which build is better for kfm in pve currently? just starting to learn kfm since it looks fun to play. which hm skills do i need for kfm in pve and which ones for pvp? in pve, kfm role is tanker same as bm rite? in pve, is kfm better than bm(fire build) as tanker and dps rating? is bm/kfm alrdy overcrowded in F8 or they;re good to get pt?
  6. it's been quite many months since i stopped playing bns...now i reinstalled it and wanted to return to bns to try out gunslinger..but then i forgotten my PIN... try n error didnt work so i think my account is locked? i duuno...but i;ve sent my ticket ....how long will it take them to process it and reset my PIN number
  7. i think the class designer achieve his/her target for summoner class then since i read somewhere that it was a class that first designed to attract female players
  8. user001

    top dps?

    after the patch skill changes,, i would say bm will hold the agro best
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