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  1. I personally wanna see this released though its never come to the west. i've wanted it for my gon since the beginning of time
  2. It happens with my rosethorn skin too and it happens with shadow spec also
  3. God, why NA players act like such babies a slight crit rate nerf ain't gonna hurt. Monsters get upscaled to 55 you get to level 55 now it's not gonna be the same as when the bug happened. Play the content level up get some materials and a flashy skill and be happy. Most of my alts are still using yeti and scorpion ss's with bale/seraph 3 with no pinnacle acc and they do just fine in anything that isn't a raid, now they made it super easy to hit baleful and a good 600g cheaper to hit rift/dawn. Yes it can suck but you'll be fine if you quit over things like this don't start a game in the fir
  4. all i see is player greed it was crappy what ncsoft did but player greed led them to pay inflated prices for cheap gems remember nothing is set in stone till it's live and even then it's subject to change. I think many players learned a lesson.
  5. At the end of the day they didn't have to give out anything. It is not unrealistic to expect people to go to the website to find out news about the game i mean its the games own website with the announcement of the class you should be more prone to visiting the website to see what events are to follow the update the website had big and clear as day register for your free gunslinger satchel why would someone not click on it to check out the full details?However it wasn't displaying properly for some people. It was a service that they DID NOT have to provide at all because they do in fact sell s
  6. While it does look nice to a degree I personally prefer the blade but not that it matters since the weapon should hit baleful/seraph in like a day <_<
  7. lol most annoying part is just leveling up your craft again really aint all that bad looking forward to it and now that you can do 3 crafts at once it's really faster.
  8. People doing currency exchange doesn't effect sales. People who do trove will do trove and they will make their money like always.
  9. I legit don't care about who's alts or mains get geared. If your friends are quitting because of 6v6 then that's shame on their part cause you literally don't need to do it to get geared. People leveled their clans before 6v6 people geared their class before 6v6. This game has been streamlined so hard that people I know quit just because it became too easy and it's about to get even easier. This is not a game where once you beat the story everything becomes cake no game does that you have to put in the effort to be good . You go to BDO same thing you are competing with people who put more tim
  10. FM was originally to jin and not gon but they decided give it to gon and not jin so i don't see that change coming.
  11. @chromephillia You just pointed out my point... It helps you catch up so that you can raid...again players wanting everything handed to em on a silver plate . You can raid once get lucky and get the material you need to go raven it's 99% luck after seraph/baleful. Doesn't mean you can skip the pve content and jump right into high tier pvp. You don't need to be handed Empyrean charms/PSTS you can make em your damn self from items you craft but again lazy is as lazy does don't wanna put in no work. @FrozenbI'm not justifying what they are doing but I am saying if you are geared for
  12. Actually you can though , you go to TOI get you some challenger shields get 1-3 elder shields enhance most of em with reflex go get the hellion ring draken belt as well as xanos accessories and lastly get life force and galaxy weapon if you play the game regularly you will have enough for a galaxy weapon of course you are gonna wanna get that to like stage 8 all which can be done without stepping foot in 6v6 I know cause i've done it all except for hellion ring. Then you can start jumping in 6v6 and putting up a somewhat decent fight atleast till you can reach emperor weapon.
  13. Well if you are geared for pvp you don't have to worry about that cause you would probably win. If everyone is doing it then that means guess what?whales are also going up against whales. If you are doing a CLAN 6 v 6 and you don't choose your top members and you all don't decide to go on voice chat that sounds like a personal problem. At the end of the day gear up and all this type of problem don't even matter. Low geared clans shouldn't be doing 6v6 because it's a form of PVP where gear actually matters not standardized stats like arena.
  14. If you aren't geared for pvp don't do 6v6 pvp it's that simple. Not telling you get good or anything just saying. No I don't participate in 6v6 or clan 6v6 . Not for punishing the many to catch the few.
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