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  1. How long does it usually take for them to give me my NC Coin? It's been like 5 hours since my credit card was charged, and yet nothing is happening :(
  2. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    or just freakin make soulstone account bound. dont allow it to be sold in market or traded to other players.
  3. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    they will still make alot of money with a big batch of soulstones as the demand for it in upgrades gets higher. so they will still earn alot with thousands of bots on the arena and thousands of soulstones being generated.
  4. @reilo5 you played the game because you like the product, they didnt lie to you. they said they'll combat bots, it was not stated that this game will be perfect and wont have bots. If you want the game to run the way you want it to run, then you have no choice but to support the game, rather than watch it die because you want everyone to put nothing into the company. Where are they going to get the fundings to make the game better for everyone? They're working with the devs to make the overall experience for us better so why dont you just give them time to work it out with the devs. Once they remove Soulstones from arena, or make soulstones account bound then we wont have to deal with arena bots. PS: Also dont feel offended that i acted like you dont support the game. I do understand your frustration. If the game was like Guild wars...I mean look at this from WoW company lol http://kotaku.com/world-of-warcraft-bot-maker-calls-it-quits-after-massiv-1704809117 . You cant get rid of bots unless you somehow punish those cheaters after you ban. for WoW, It's making new accounts that cost a total of 90 dollars. If only Blade and soul wasnt f2p but for now enjoy the bot infestation. they really cant do much at this point. banning them is useless.
  5. not the majority of people go to the forum, everyone knows that. The bots are player driven, it's not really an issue that was started from NCSOFT, uhm alot of game company have this issue. To be honest, even your petition wouldn't make much of an impact because they have a limited amount of options to make the game easier to combat bot. Whatever action they make, the other half will always be ignited with new set of complaints and issue, so just don't play the game and hopefully people will back you up. I am used to seeing bots, i enjoy the game so I will remain loyal. I also know that they cant really do much unless they are ready to get rid of f2p model, as in making the game B2P with trials instead so that they can ban bots and if they decide to come back...they'll just earn more money in return. This must be backed up though with really good payment security. Even without bots, you'll start seeing hackers once in a while, much like league of legends. If the game company has a billion dollar of funds that provides a sustainable jobs for people to better keep the game healthy then i bet this game would be better but atm not really. Dont care about the esports in korea, if they can somehow prosper here in the west then things might get better. Can't really see much of a solution that will satisfy all parties because they can't keep banning 100s of bots a day without any result. Its almost pointless.
  6. Temptation outfit

    you get it the next day if you did get it to 45 before the maintenance.
  7. Temptation outfit

    no.because happened to me last week and didnt get it
  8. BNS wings and battle pets

    ill buy wings if it doesnt cost a month worth of groceries like BDO.
  9. im lucky. max like 3 LOL dont know why my luck is good :) RNGJESUS. only thing i really need is the weapon from mushin tower.
  10. Disable Trading of Gold

    well you quoted a comment i made from you but decided not to talk about the reason your argument doesnt make much sense with the amount of effort you are putting into defending this?
  11. Disable Trading of Gold

    see thats why there is a fixed price on the general shop, and there is a REASON Why the prices for those item specially charm is below the fixed price from the general shop. you wouldn't be making much money with your method. ALSO you're playing the market game. why would that effect you? sell 1000keys for a certain amount thats fine. they cant get a huge quantity of those item unless they craft it or do alot of dungeon. and also they get the keys from dailies only.
  12. Disable Trading of Gold

    you're pulling out all the strings that many legit players wouldn't think of, you're trying so hard to defend it. sometimes I wish this was B2P too with the amount of banning they're doing.
  13. Disable Trading of Gold

    what other high value item is there that legit players would try to defend themselves over this? you dont wanna play the market game so you try to manipulate people to selling something that doesnt hold much value? Im sure high level players wouldnt be dumb enough to buy something from you for an absurd price over the marketplace. most of the rmt trading is between 2 people bidding on an item for an absurd amount of price. IF ITS 6 people, and NONE OF THE REST are bots, if this kind of practice is DONE to other players on that same account the person is giving you the money, what would you think that person is? PS: also if they keep sending honorary ornament to the person or a batch of it without any kind of high price and sell it for the same value on the marketplace for bots or bot's legit account to give you the money, this would still be the same case with those people buying through bidding. It narrows down suspicious players from participating RMT. Honorary ornament is rare, theres nothing else that would sell alot beside soulstone. if they decide to give you a batch of Soulstones so you can just sell it on the marketplace...then thats still risky for both parties.
  14. Disable Trading of Gold

    I mean look at all this people who already look supersuspicious. they have a marketplace for those items. if demand is high then the price would be high. play the game just right still if you want. its not like those items are needed for an unlimited amount nor if they hold an absurd amount of value if you have to compete with other people with their cheap crafting requirements. yeah but they would have no other means transferring the gold, and if they do the bidding trade then they would be in a risk of getting banned. its not really that super hard to tell between someone who is using a fake account or one using a real account. if both parties are using a real account and both plead innocence then what stops ncsoft from tracking their account to see legitimacy?
  15. Disable Trading of Gold

    if you're playing the marketplace game, then why would I have issue with you? if you make alot of money selling keys or unsealing charms then be it. There is a fixed price on the general shop that erradicates all inflated prices. keys are easy to get and they sell for 10s20c along with unsealing charms. field repairs kits all of that are LEGIT. we're talking about people trading using the bidding system for an ABSURD amount of gold.