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  1. Is merchant event over?

    I also got the oil merchant from CS before the servers went down for maintenance, too bad it was on an alt run so I took the 10 ornaments instead... 3:15 A.M. on an alt... GG
  2. Help Me Settle A Dispute With My Friend

    These are better picks of the characters in question... Which is Better Proportioned / Better Figure? Tall or Normal Sized Yun Better...?
  3. Tidal Treasures [Your Feedback]

    Bought the new HM store outfit "Summer Grove" and got to lvl 6 twice with the 50 free Coralite. I got the outfit on my first lvl 6 and failed the second time to get to lvl 7 and try to get a gem, but at least I got the outfit. Best deal ever imo as I got 3 outfits buying 1, the HM Store outfit on my Yun main, the limited time freebie Lyn variant of "Summer Groove" on my summoner, and the event outfit on my Gon, couldn't be happier tbh for 2k ncoin to get 3 swimsuits out of it...
  4. Added Value Needed for Premium Rank 10

    Which is why the people who believe in and support the future of this game at this large level of contribution should recieve better conviences and benifits than our given to them for their level of support in the game than they are currently given. We had to contribute another $750 worth of support in the game double the cost of rank 9 that unlocked storage just for extra market space no one actually uses... We your most loyal fans and supporters deserve better than this. Thank you.
  5. Added Value Needed for Premium Rank 10

    The windstride cooldown is actually removed at rank 9 even though it states otherwise on the official page and literally all you get from going to rank 10 is more Auction house space and 10% cheaper glamour fee reduction, gg...
  6. As the title states there is no tangible value to spending twice as much on the game $750 for rank 9 to $1500 for rank 10 with the only added benifit being increased auction house space and slightly reduced glamor fees. Nothing to justify the abhorrant increase in cost from rank 9 to 10. I suggest just as rank 9 unlocked the vault to be accessible anywhere,rank 10 should unlock sending mail and posting items to auction house as well from anywhere then the added cost could be justified for rank 10 as the added value closely match the price increase and we could actually more easily use our added market sales per day. I am not asking for the world, but small added convienece to justify the price tag for rank 10 and my commitment to the game being a premium member with over 1 year premium left and rank 10.. Thank you.
  7. Currency Exchange not working

    Don't know what your all talking about 1.5:100 was the fair trade price before this went live and 2:100 was the greedy price people were trying to get out of people before this went live which is lower than spamming gold sites last I seen their spam, which is crazy if you think somone who legitimately made there gold would sell to you for less than botting and hacking gold sites. I have sold 100g at 1:67 Ncoin already which is the same fair price it went for in game before the only difference is the fee ncsoft charges us but we now get rank points so it kind of evens out... In addition to being safer than risking being scammed by somone in game asking for gold first, which happens quite often as a friend got scammed out of 40g this way trying to get a valentines outfit, also not risking being hacked or banned buying from a third party site, and at a rate currently that was fair in game prior to exchange. People who are selling their hard earned gold would be foolish not to use this over other methods especially with the fair market price and rate and overly greedy whales paying to gear and be lazy should accept not everyone is desperate trying to destroy the economy in game dropping the gold floor price even further...