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  1. So I have 2 characters, my alt of course being the one I spend significantly less time on. I recently got the ring and was thinking about consolidating my accessories on my alt to jewels. Now the only way this would be worth it, from what I understand, would be upgrading them the entire way and them salvaging them. My alt is nowhere near geared as my main so this would be a little bit of a hassle but probably worth it in the long run. So what do you guys think? Upgrade my alts accessories from oathbreaker to full and salvage them or just buy jewels from main?
  2. See here: http://bsw.qq.com/ BNS Prequel mini mmo.
  3. Sorta just appeared on my account. Didn't get any notification that it was there. So might wanna check your account page.
  4. I'm gonna have to agree and say this game is FAR from Alt Friendly. I only have 2 characters and at no point have I ever felt enticed to spend any more money on my Alt. The cost of upgrading main is so substantial that upgrading Alt just deters from that. In addition transferring anything from main to alt is just overall expensive. Not to mention the difficulty of playing catchup on a character that will likely never catch up with my main,
  5. I want to do an exchange. Have been looking for a while.
  6. So I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for a controller for this game? I'm used to using both controller and keyboard but frankly my wrist is getting torched from using keyboard so I'm trying to switch. However the current controller I have, the Logitech F310, the buttons on the top left of the controller do not always respond. Can anyone suggest a controller that is compatible with the game as well as with Windows 10? Thanks.
  7. Hard? The only thing hard about legendary is getting the gold together. The transmute success rate is ridiculous. I tried to flip the ones I had in order to get the third one I needed and failed to even break even. I've lost easily 1500 gold now on failed transmutes which is far more than I've "made" selling the ones I made to flip to break even.
  8. So I've been stuck at the stage before legendary weapon for a while simply because of the cost of the Premium stone. Someone told me about the transmute but failed to tell me about the rng associated with it. I've spent probably 1000 gold on 2 successful transmutes of the premium stones. It's disheartening because it started out at 50/50 and then just failed after that. I don't see the point of having such a low success rate on the transmute. Losing 50g plus mats every time is frustrating. Can someone make a suggestion regarding making gold because clearly transmuting these is not an option fo
  9. So I'm curious if anyone plans on still doing the 24 man grimthorn for kairam now that it's off the DC? I'm sure it's just as likely to die off as the old 24 mans were. I see a small issue in this since, unlike the other 24 mans, it is tied to the main story. I was personally hoping to finish the 10 kill achievement myself which I took casually since, as everyone knows, takes forever to spawn. Not to mention I was saving up for the costume as well.
  10. I am now having the same problem. Except it's only when I zone and am in loading screens.
  11. I'm sitting at about 131 runs myself and find it hard to continue to do this. This is one of the few costumes I like for lyn. I only keep track via the necklaces as the tags are too much because of the npc daily sale limit.
  12. Where is this costume from? I've seen it on the loading screen but never been able to locate it on the wardrobe.
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