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  1. If they update it, they may have to compensate others that have previously purchased it, especially since it's locked for 1 purchase per account.
  2. You can buy prem from other players for all I know. So you could be F2P.
  3. It's appalling the lack of communication they have as a team.
  4. That's nice and all but sadly this is NCWEST so we had alternate ways. As far as I know it just got removed and they never bothered.
  5. It's ridiculous when support tells you to message the forums. What so Hime and gang have more power than support?? What??
  6. Will we be properly compensated for this issue? I am losing 2 special polishing cloth per day.
  7. Yeah and I had a great time farming it back in 2016. It's BS as its currently standing in the event.
  8. Being wiped even with doing mechanics is absolutely ridiculous. This event is not enjoyable, its torture.
  9. I agree with you, I don't remember ever being killed in one shot or wiped. I'm getting absolutely murdered by random mobs, not even POH! This is in no ways reflective of how we played this dungeon back in 2016. I used to grind this for hours on end and never once have I had a run last over an hour. I've just decided to forgo this event entirely until NC changes it because it's not worth the effort.
  10. So I was not the only one imagining that. I kept doing the mechs and we kept getting wiped regardless even when doing levers properly. Ugh.
  11. This! I don't ever remember having trouble running poh at level 45. I would farm this dungeon constantly!
  12. Also, whenever using portal after a wipe your camera gets locked. This is absurd. I had to quit I can't complete this event.
  13. We are all using dragonblood and we have all been wiping.
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