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  1. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

    I am experiencing the same issue suddenly. No matter what I do it isn't resolving itself.
  2. Decked Out Adornment [Archive]

    That was the only reason why I purchased that outfit. I want a refund, now I can't even use it how I wanted.
  3. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    I really wanted to farm the Halloween event because I have no received any of the new halloween cosmetics but this on-going DDOS is making it very difficult for me to run anything. I have not been able to run anything for almost a week. Kind of upsetting since I like collecting cosmetics.
  4. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Glad I was able to get this outfit :O Missed it from last year sadly
  5. Who made this event????

    They also reduced the numbers of channels so the influx of people is even bigger. I'm lucky if I land 2 hits before boss dies in Mushin!
  6. Daily dash did not change, new outfits added to event tab in f3. Yet they ended the maintenance 30 mins ahead? Very confused. Oh, and Sweet Treat is back so soon in F10?
  7. That's the level 50 voucher. Can you stop harassing me already?
  8. Or keep your negative comments to yourself. I did check the store and it does not have any information at the moment, and I don't completely remember what it said prior to maintenance.
  9. Hello, I was under the assumption that the discounts would be here until the 3rd of May, but upon logging in today after maintenance I see that the discount is gone. I searched all over to see if there was any dates given for those but the only information I can find is the typical " Character Alteration Vouchers will be discounted for a limited time when Secrets of the Stratus launches on April 12. If you are wanting these lovely new styles, we recommend purchasing a voucher until then. " Sadly that doesn't tell me when the voucher was supposed to leave the store so now I am left very confused and displeased because if I knew it was leaving this soon, I would of purchased more. Please let me know if I missed any information and if the discounts were indeed only until today. Thanks!
  10. new hairs/ears!!!!

    I wish we had options to change the hairstyle of our characters in-game like the summoner's cat barber shop option.
  11. Drop the scale req from HM...

    With the scales constantly going up in price, this is ridiculous.
  12. Sablesteel Weapons

    Will it be possible to obtain those weapons in other means, especially for characters that have already completed the quests to receive them? Or regarding any weapon given by the new weapon path update, since some of the weapons looks very nice for using as a skin.
  13. Chocolate Hearts Question :33

    Even with purchasing all the items in cash shop, if you don't crit you won't be able to get gem.
  14. o/!! Krissy! Your art is amazing as always!