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  1. So we can at least share between our characters ....
  2. How many hours left till the update?

    Oh well , im leaving to work in 12 hours XD. Hopefully il be able to play it when i get back. Thank you.
  3. You guys have a costume tab in the auction but we cant use that at all since all the costumes are binded to our characters. Whats the point in adding that in game when just the Cat gear is tradable.
  4. Sadly thats pretty much how it sounds like ...
  5. I wanted to buy costumes but found out from my clan members that i cant trade them between my characters.
  6. DPS Meter Request

    I would really love a damage counter. To see how much damage each of the party members do. So please NCSOFT consider this. I have seen it in other MMO's and i would really love to see it in this game.
  7. I don't see any Moonstones or other items , iv'e re-logged and restarted the game , same problem. Its completely empty and doesnt list anything.
  8. The Auction House is empty ...

    Still nothing >.< . I want o buy from it so let me please T_T.
  9. The Auction House is empty ...

    well nothing that i tried works , entering the name in the search , clicking on the tab and browsing ... nothing >.<
  10. The Auction House is empty ...

    I want a fix for this fast >.< .
  11. The Auction House is empty ...

    no one else has this problem ?
  12. Where is it , how can i get it ...
  13. Absolutely everything you get from the mobs and boxes , is worth 1 copper to the vendors.... The least NC could do is make purples or more items sell for 1-5 silver . And the lvl 40 weapon is a pain to craft it since the auction sells the stone for 15+gold. No idea were to get it either.
  14. How do you make money in this game?

    That's what i want from this game , to be able to make money just by selling off things to vendors... And this game is just terrible in that direction. You cant even afford a dumpling...
  15. How do you make money in this game?

    Thats the thing , im not a free player , even bought the 1 year membership , and it still sucks. Never got passed 2 gold in this game. Really terrible economy .
  16. Serpent Calling Bell

    Where exactly did you guys get the bell ? Which mobs exactly...
  17. Ive been playing since the head start and i'm only lvl 24 , seen people lvl 45 already , grinding quests and main story ...
  18. How did people lvl so fast?

    Is there a guide i could follow ?
  19. Brilliant Viridian Key ?

    Yea i bought one from the store , saw it after i posted this >.< , thank you for the reply.
  20. Where the hell is the NC staff ...
  21. I cant log in and i bought the Masters pack ...
  22. EU name reservation up?

    i see 0000000000 on the counters , both for eu and US >.<