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  1. i need lots of evolved stones and i don't want to buy it i wanna farm it since its expensive on my server, ty.
  2. i have been away for like 4 month before they nerf bulletstorm and im wondering what weapon and accessories for fire gunner and what weapon and accessories for shadow gunner too
  3. so i have done ebondrake citadel like 50 times but no weapons drooped at all. do i have to do that dungeon on hard mood to get the convenat pistols ?
  4. How can i get legendary accessories, like which dungeon do i need to do and how many runs would i need ?
  5. its not enough i cant even lower he's hp to the half. sorry for bad english
  6. I have 861 ap, is it enough to defeat naksun ?
  7. which dungeons that has moonstone crystals high drop rate ?
  8. lvl up to lvl20 hongmoon put most of yourw hongmoon points in defense, (or as you like it) start farming gold and mats for the long upgrade path ahead of you
  9. Whenever i try to join a team to do irontech forge dungeon its says i do not meet the requirements for this dungeon and the required weapon is unrefined scaleburn pistols and i have baleful pistols stage 2 what do i supposed to do to do this dungeon ? https://imgur.com/a/m7MVm
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