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  1. My old clan no longer plays anymore and it would be nice to be a part of a group again for the gear grind and convo. in game: Sedura WL
  2. Old Man cho Clan help

    I am apart of another guild that is recruiting but Crimson as well. That seems to be the main side of the active players it seems.
  3. Will whisper both of you tonight or you will receive mail from one of the long standing members.
  4. LF active social clan with voice chat

    If you're still looking Would love to chat.
  5. CTRL+F

    In it's current state, CTRL+F does not hide the blademaster swords and sometimes other weapons or skills from other "hidden" players. This is adding to the "lag" or FPS drop in large open world/24-man boss fights. Has this been addressed and currently being looked at?
  6. Heavy lag during boss fights.

    I'm hoping that this gets brought up because if you notice that CTRL-F doesn't hide the blademaster swords that they use when they're floating. I'm sure some other items aren't being "hidden" either.
  7. Still recruiting more players on Old Man Cho
  8. Link to Post: This is the maintenance that started the issue for many NA clients. Something changed within the servers themselves or the client, not sure which. Prior to this maintenance, people were able to do open world bosses with minimal to no fps loss in fully populated channels. After this patch/hotfix it seems as though that's when everyone had to resort to other means to try to downscale their graphics to optimize performance in highly congested areas. As I stated before, highly congested areas were not an issue before this maintenance/hotfix. Please go back to your details and see what was changed as it has affected many NA users as some are scrambling to figure out alternative ways to increase FPS, minimize lag, delay, etc. Thanks NCSoft.
  9. Clan Logo

    Just found an image online of Jinsoyun and loved it. Changed it up a bit since we are Crimson Legion.
  10. I am having massive Fps Drops

    I have a GTX 660ti and before the patch/hotfix last week my game was running smooth as butter on MAX. Whatever happened was recent and now I can barely even play on low setting with "optimize for combat." My game even froze last night in E Fleet on Poh. it's definitely not an internet issue by any means. Phenom II X6 1055T Kingston 8GB DD3 1600 GeForce GTX 660ti Windows 7 x64
  11. We are a small group of friends who have been playing together for 5+ years. We aim towards end game and will be reaching True Siren weapons before Feb 10th if the Auction House prices keep dropping. :-) We stay up to date on current and future information regarding the game. We started playing at launch and have done fairly well considering we knew nothing before. Could be level 3 guild but we're just saving gold until it's time to expand further. Will defeinitely expand after the 10th to make a consistent supply of Blackwyrm pots. For consideration message in-game: Edu FM, Sedura, Lazo, Doompie