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  1. Stop obsessing over that ridiculous term, ''WoW killer''. With it's subscriber base and elapsed time since it first started, the only one that can ever truly kill WoW is Blizzard, there will never be an MMO that will bring about a mass exodus from WoW, to the point where it'll put Blizzard in a tight spot.
  2. Brother Hajoon

    But, it was so satisfying to see him drop. o.o Never again do I need to suffer the spoken word of ''Cricket'' in game.
  3. Pale Stalker censored?

    Edit: Nevermind, mistook the particular outfit it entailed. On topic: The censorship may be 'subtle' enough that people even miss it here, but is nevertheless still present.
  4. So where is my archer class

    It may be bullshit, but I recall reading somewhere that the only reason there's no Archer/Ranger, is because the devs dislike the class.
  5. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    The Lyn are at the very least a ''child like'' race, quite frankly the last thing I personally would want to see is for the developers to sexualize them like what happened with the Elin in TERA.
  6. Lyn Assassin

    The Lyn race doesn't need to be a ''fits all and is all we need'' race like the Elin is in TERA, I quite like that different races offer variety.
  7. Apparently were not allowed to do dungeons.. or PvP.. or sell stuff on the marketplace.
  8. Is Arena broken?

    It's not just arena, dungeon lobby is also broken, as is sprinting.

    I can enter my pin but nothing after that.
  10. Free Goodies for downtime

    This is really getting old.

    Windrest here, also got booted and getting launcher error.
  12. Highest Populated Server

    NA? EU? In EU the highest populated server seems to be Windrest, NA I wouldn't have a clue as I am a European.
  13. ENG EU server with no queue?

    So you've contributed... *cricket* all, and you're complaining? Let's not forget that founders and premium members are the ones actually supporting this game, paying so that people who refuse to put a cent in can play also.
  14. AVG itself is a virus lol Get Avira Antivir, much better.
  15. where are my previous characters??

    Closed Beta characters are gone, such is pretty much always the case with closed beta's, as they are meant mostly for testing.