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  1. FPs low Solution

    how i can fix this problem ?
  2. FPs low Solution

    The problem is actully ur GPu Load is low that why fps low
  3. FPs low Solution

    Hi, my name is eTKu Bumping this up 'cause of some heavy $hit I found here ! ! !After months of hard FPS dropping problems, it completely FU*K1NG STOPPED !I don't know if this will be of help to everybody, but at least for me (magically) worked.What I do:1) Enter on the game, normally (log in, and enter on char).2) Wait everything to load, and try putting your setting to the almost the best your GPU can run it.3) Minimize the game and run the NvidiaInspector software (of analysis of GPU of Nvidia).4) Go back to game. You will notice the graphics will kind of "reload".5) And that's it !!! No more fps drops for me.Remember to always run the NvidiaIspector when you play.I really hope this also work for some of you guys... Because I was almost givin up of the game because of the hard FPS drops. It was unplayable... tell me guyz if it work for u <3 allThank you, and have a nice day
  4. Game won't start

    hhhhhhh <3
  5. Dungeons Aggro

    Why guyz all the times aggro on me im force master they cant tank boss
  6. Game won't start

    i Cant lunchhhhhh gameeeeeeeee craaaaaaaaaaaaash i want to do daily quest Dmn