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  1. thats literally the only way it could be unfair is if it was only available to a limited amount of people you moron. It being available to EVERYONE and you make the choice not to, doesnt make it unfair when others use it just because you did not. That was personal choice. Nothing makes it unfair as i said when someone does something you choose not to. Everyone had the same opportunity to do so. Literally canceling any possibility of it being "unfair" It's also not cheating because no one stole anything from anyone. They simply partook in the human error made yet again by a Bns employe
  2. its funny how you guys keep calling it an unfair advantage. Unfair would mean it was only available to a few individuals and completely revoked access to other players whom as a result could not participate what so ever. The "Honest" players simply just chose not to partake in it. You don't get to label something as unfair just because someone chose to do something you CHOSE not to do. Nothing unfair about it. But it's old now , nothings happened let it go. Literally no harm happening to anyone. Im sure you time could be spent elsewhere than worrying about this.
  3. Also u just admitted u to abused the event. Getting the outfits counts as "exploiting" so please explain wtf ur trying to do here.
  4. The games actually gone uphil. the daily user count doubled , pvp is active. F8 is beyond active. The game itself is bustling and everyone has a chance at these upgrades if u do the work. no ones been left out of anything. all u have to do is farm the soulstones in Pvp even losing u still win. No ones been giving an unfair advantage. its all about if u choose to do it. this actually helped the game because it made farming and upgrading so much more exciting people are playing this game longer , grinding harder. even HELPING others to upgrade their stuff to. New players are signing up and old p
  5. even if u dont pvp u still make soulstones by just standing there and losing. yea it takes a while but it's still a profit especially if ur in a guild with a bonus and or also premium, people just want to complain
  6. no one knew until sunshine made a post. blame them for actually making the damn thing public. Df u think ppl are going to do? Then dont sell anything , dont profit , sit back and do nothing. but crying on this forum will get you no where. You dont want to participate than dont. but literally crying because people chose to do something you didn't is just as ignorant as you clearly are. Nothings harmed you in anyway. The game is ALIVE again for once. You're complaining because u have nothing better to do. No one harmed u , hurt u , banned u , or directly got in your way. you are just clear
  7. It is just as much NC's fault as much as it is the player base. stop excusing their constant ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ups
  8. it's a human error. they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up then told us they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up and exactly how to do said ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up. if it was never publicly posted this wouldnt have happened. people need to blame NCsoft just as much as they are blaming those who did it
  9. "It's not fair to those who don't use the bug" Then use it! No one is stopping you. It's literally there for everyone!. Do you know how you sound? " Wahhhhh I have morals and no one else does. Punish them for doing something i don't want to do!" It's not an unfair advantage. This was made public knowledge to EVERYONE. if you choose not to do it then that's on you. You can profit without the outfits also buy FARMING soulstones. People who don't do it and just farm pvp or the merchants you get soulstones that u can sell and make so much money. or u use the outfits and get the free fit
  10. Thing is , it's not a bug , its not a glitch and it's not cheating. I don't do it but be real. THis was a HUMAN error in coding , a HUMAN ERROR in posting about it for everyone to see. And simple human reaction to go and do it. Because clearly they didnt care enough to fix it then and there. they chose to post it and wait. No one cheated , no one stole.
  11. so let me get this right , you guys are mad that you chose to not do something that others did but what was openly available to u guys. ur mad at the gold they are making... u could have made the gold too. Yet you choose to sit here upset because u have "morals" , u want 95% of the player base to be band. Who's going to carry you guys in dungeons? Who's going to join your trap runs. How does them upgrading their own gear effect u? They arent making 100k gold btw off the HUMAN ERROR. its not a glitch or a bug. A human just royally screwed up in the code and then again with the post letting
  12. The one thing that bugs me the most is if you look at a game like Tera, 99% of the time when they release and outfit its amazing, must have, go above and beyond to get it. 20% of the outfits that come out on here are good, Or cute or cool in cash shops. Beach wear is perfect, jean short shorts with cute top great, Dress with hello kitty backpack is cute, everything else...gross. Not enough modern cute wear, Guys outfits are normally good looking. I feel they need to hire new people for outfit design. The maid outfit for lyn had very little detail to it...and your in socks, the event mushroom o
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