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  1. Thoughts on the forums

    I'm just stating the obvious. You may see this thread as pointless but it is just as suggestion thread. Not a whiny QQ thread like so many others. So there is a difference my friend. I also stand by my criticism of goodbye threads, and my suggestion to the mods that they fix this ugly forum once and for all. I could live with that :D
  2. I think it only shows players on the EU side. I couldn't find myself either.
  3. Thoughts on the forums

    Ah yes it would be nice to downvote those into oblivion. Seems like troll bait, people should get banned for it tbh.
  4. Thoughts on the forums

    Just a few thoughts I have that I wanted to share with the community. How about adding a reddit style upvote/downvote mechanism so we can get rid of all these whiny, tear filled , and otherwise pointless and nonsensical threads that are constantly flooding this place. And upvoting the important issues to the top where they are more visible. Also, enough with the goodbye threads already. Nobody cares that you have decided to quit the game because you are butthurt or broke or your weapon is too expensive or your wife left you etc etc. I certainly don't, What makes you feel that you are so special that anyone here does? If you don't like the game, then uninstall and go about your business and we will not even notice. Why be so dramatic? You are a drama queen that's why. Famous words come to mind whenever I see a goodbye thread. Oh and to the mods, or whoever runs this ***show, can you enable forum profile editing already and custom avatars? What is the deal? Every time I try to change anything it says "you are not allowed to edit this profile"..... kinda lame. Game has been out for a few months now... That is all. Thanks and happy gaming! Oh and feel free to post your own forum ideas or nitpicks.
  5. If you don't like the game don't play it, what is this complaint about? What is it you wish anyone to do? nerf the dungeons for you?
  6. Faction Balance?

    Yea, this system is broken, it hasn't functioned properly since day 1. Where on my server, on launch day, the faction npcs would tell you the crimson side was full even though it wasn't. This caused more players to take the cerulean order side because they didn't know how to get around this issue.. That's why factions are imbalanced on most servers. Even now on my server, cerus are more numerous. and more crimsons flock to it all the time increasing the gap. In theory is a good way to put it. because that's all the system really is, a theory.
  7. It is legal, When you are bidding in an auction you should not blast through bidding wars. It's a good way to get taken advantage of. Take your time between bids. you have a good 10 seconds between each bid to check what the current bid is and whether or not you want to bid again. Rushing through it is your own folly. You'll find no sympathy here.
  8. [Guide] How to get True Pirate Overnight

    We get your point, fact is you could buy gold for real cash in any game thanks to gold sellers, so you could claim every game is p2w. Doesn't mean it's so. If someone is willing to fork over that much cash to skip the grind, more power to them. It wont make them better players in the grand scheme of things so who cares. I've seen people buy accounts and pay for power leveling and when they play for a bit they end up quitting because it's boring for them and they don't know how to play so they get their rears kicked a lot. There is the old saying. Worry about yourself and stop worrying about others so much. I personally am f2p and don't even subscribe to premium plus i'm leveling 3 toons at the same time. My grind is long and adventurous. Do I care that some people buy gold and jack up their gear overnight? no i really don't . So why do you? No dude, it isn't.
  9. what a big waste of time

    And herein lies a problem with many of the boss mechanics in this game. When i say many i mean the only mechanic. Timed AOE bursts. It's like the devs couldn't figure out complex mechanics and just gave bosses stupid aoes to spew out at certain intervals. I spent 8 years playing age of conan and while they got many things wrong, one thing they did amazingly was complex boss mechanics. Progression raids could take months to crack simply because the mechanics of so many boss fights were different. Go on youtube and search for age of conan boss fights and you'll see tons of videos. It is a major cop out by ncsoft in this regard. but whatever. I mostly don't participate in these. Got better things to waste my time with.
  10. You should definitely use the google authenticator. It is there for a reason. If you don't use it you are at risk. They would need access to your email to bypass the website authentication from new ip address feature, which would mean the email is compromised.
  11. HACKED

    They have an authenticator , it changes your pin every 30 sec or so. If you have a smartphone that's all u need. Go to your account page to set it up its easy.
  12. Soulstone plains

    The problem is the zone itself is poorly optimized. That's why everyone is experiencing FPS hits. Even when you ctrl f. It hitches alot this is the only zone that does it. I'll avoid it personally for now.
  13. Some people enjoy a challenge, others don't.. Which category are you in?
  14. Someone mentioned in faqtion chat that they now drop in mushins tower because the bots can't do that effectively. I can't verify this claim but that's what I heard.