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  1. They quit over nothing then, these problems are always expected at the beginning, and even if they did a longest beta test these issues would have come out during the live launch. Get over it.
  2. So much ignorance in one single post. Jesus... Wanna know what is the alternative to NCsoft in EU? GAME*cricket*ing-FORGE. You are either a sadist or just a professional farmville player to ask for such thing.
  3. Time to listen some music and wait for the fix
  4. Ebn hall, again going coo coo. meh
  5. Maybe the server is going coo coo again, but after i select the char, the game stays stuck at the char selection with "Connecting..." flashing at the bottom and nothing happens only me?
  6. What you are describing is not a customer, it's simply and entitled little dip*cricket* that will always cry for any single thing that doesn't like. Real customers understands and value the extension of a problem (a real one, not like in this case) and then, if needed, contacts the Customer Service. Not the forum, trying to build up a SJW riot.
  7. Better go on with loads of newbies than keeping a playerbase that cries hysterically when someone farts
  8. This, this and again THIS. I have premium and luckily i'm not a crybaby like all these beggars, raging and crying for *MUH PREMIUM RIGHTS! MUH MONEY AND TIEM*. Grow a pair.
  9. To all the beggars in this thread. LOL you are the worst of society
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