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  1. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    Dude, seriously? You are just claiming something, and you're not even able to prove it. You're in the wrong. Don't come here with your league of legends crap, it has absolutely nothing to do with this game in the slightest. "I made a massive answer to your post when i first replied about my concerns about this game and you never answered to those shortcomings of bns . So my guess is that you never wanted "constructive criticism" but rather rant at people that are unhappy with the sate of the game and call them names . How sad .. " Your points were stupid, so i didn't feel the need to answer them. And the point flew right past you, several times actually. But i'll amuse the masses by answering. "Don't release a ping dependant game". If everyone lags, is it not fair? Immediately your point is invalid. And my ping is 40-60. It's very playable. Maybe you're on the wrong server or your internet just sucks. "It's balanced around 50" 50 is coming. Nobody is forcing you to play the game. If you think it's so unbalanced, then simply stop playing it and come back when the 50 patch has arrived. It really doesn't take much brain power to come to this conclusion. And you repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over again. You keep comparing games. This is not a League spin off, it's not even in the same category. It's not a wow clone, the mechanics aren't even similar. You say that Diamond KFMs are getting farmed by plats, so in your opinion the plat player shouldn't be able to beat the diamond player, how then would the plat player climb to diamond? Clearly he has beaten many assassins and i do think that Assassin vs KFM is very unfavorable for the KFM, i struggle with them myself. But they're not unbeatable in any sort of way. If you lose a match, you made mistakes, it's as simple as that. You guess i never wanted constructive critisicm. Ok. Um. This thread was made to point out that people are making pointless and stupid threads. In which i pointed out that saying that a class i broken doesn't help the anyone. If you're going to complain about something then you know, it'd probably be helpful if you actually stated what issues you're facing. Yet 90% of the posts aren't. I was simply trying to make people use constructive critisicm instead of just randomly bashing a class. Because again, devs can't do anything about it if they don't know what's wrong. I will no longer answer your comments. I've debunked everything you've tried thus far and i'm getting tired of it.
  2. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    I agree with your first paragraph completely. People seem to think that they can master pvp in less than 50 matches. IF they struggle with anything at all, nerf. That's not what this thread was even about. I wanted to people to use constructive critisicm instead of just calling out every single class in the game just because they can't beat that specific class. Apparently me, using my own experience as a summoner turned this into a "nerf summoner" thread.
  3. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    Okay, wow. Your stupidity knows no bounds. First off: Wasn't i the one who stated that it was an old screen? It was wasn't it? So you exposed absolutely nothing . 2, i used that screen because it was in my skype chat, on my phone, at work, during my lunch. So it's kind of hard for me, to "just log onto the game and take a screenshot". Secondly: Show me the patch note that says that they decreased the amount of points you get for winning arenas. You see, you simply saying that they changed it, proves nothing. So far you've exposed and proved nothing. At all. You're a failure.
  4. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    I would love to tell you just how wrong you are. But i've gotta get to work. Bai ;)
  5. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    Depending on your class, you can CC the pet for a long duration of time without the summoner being able to do anything about it. Two entities is tricky, not broken. You just have to decide whether you want to focus the summoner or the pet. As in my experience the biggest mistake people make is focusing the pet even after i've put it into defensive stance, allowing me to stand there and do free damage. They kept on making that mistake all the way up until plat, and even a bit into plat as well. I do however think that the targetting needs an overhaul, as i do find it very hard to target the summoner sometimes when i'm on my KFM and it is indeed extremely annoying blowing big cooldowns on the wrong target. But that's not an issue with the class itself. The summoner as a class only has 1 evade, they're so easy to catch it's ridiculous. Any class in the game can keep jumping after a summoner all day long. Every single class in the game aside from summoners has an arsenal of long lasting CC juggles, summoners only has 1-2 hard CC's that doesn't last for very long. And i mean come on, once you've got the summoner CC'd it's basically free damage for days. You can see the pet's anklebiter coming from a mile away, and if you can't then you're just bad at the game, of course they're going to try to CC you during your wombo combos, and if we go by common logic, the faster you cc them the better. Which in higher ranks, was not true, as they'd jump away once my pet got close to them, and i'd miss, effectively rendering me defenseless. In short, fix targetting. Spar summoners, learn how to counter their playstyle and you'll see that they're not as broken as you're making them out to be. Now tell us, why do you think the summoner is weak or balanced compared to the other classes in regard to skill vs. reward? I don't think it's weak at all. I think it's definitely mid-top tier. What makes them balanced is their complete lack of evasion skills, and lack of CC. Other classes can CC for a much longer time. I also don't think that the difficulty of the class should be an indicator as to how good a class is. Do you honestly think that a class should be worse than other classes based on the star rating during character creation? That's stupid. Now with the sum you have to focus on two entities, while only having cc's for one Um, you only really have to focus on one entity, you should never focus both. All it takes is a new strategy and build. Also your point: "Ive got gold with kfm" is quite invalid My KFM being gold was never point. My point was that getting to gold is easy and that it takes little skill with any class in the game to get there. And i do apologize for calling you mentally challenged. I must have missed your comment.
  6. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    *Sigh* Clearly you're incapable of reading. "It's broken, nerf" You didn't even include a single example of what's broken. Fact is, you're struggling, you don't like challenges and need to get your hand held to get anywhere.
  7. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    I don't think you know how to quote properly.. Like.. At all.. As i never said the following line: "i reached gold in less than 13 games pre patch at release when everyone was playing arena at lvl 13 so that proves alot" Which means that you basically are trying to put words into my mouth to win an argument? I really can't be bothered with deciphering that mess. Fact is, you called bullshit. I proved you oh so wrong. You're mad, i get that. And did you really compare freaking 2 days ago with 1850 and 1675? Lol.
  8. Put Relevant Stuff on HongMoon Store

    I play 4 hours or less a day and i still have time to do MOST of it, gold farming is a *cricket* though.
  9. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    You know it's funny how you instantly write it off as the class being op. I got to diamond in the pre-season. I played on the korean servers before i ever started playing on EU. Still afraid to answer questions? Are you retarded? I've been answering questions. Where do you even get this from? You're clearly mentally challenged. Why don't you go ahead and tell me why the summoner is op, then i'll explain to you in detail as to why you're wrong and just how bad you are at the game.
  10. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    That's clearly not my KFM. I used this picture to prove to an individual that you could in fact get to gold in 13 or less matches. I had no screens of my KFM so i used my Summoner as proof.
  11. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    No, you can't call bullshit actually.
  12. Prove to me that summoner isn't broken

    I don't quite understand your point here. This does not prove anything in terms of how broken a class is. This only proves that at lower levels, summoner is at the top. I don't see a problem with that. Any decent 45 would crush you within 4 seconds, if they don't then they just plain suck at the game.
  13. A good bye to the game.....

    Uhm the end game is basically moba.. just 1v1..
  14. cat tank nerfed

    Except you know, summoner only has one dodge, one. We also can't spam block without a cooldown.
  15. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    My point was that people are just plain crying in threads without making a point. This class is op, the mods see the thread, reads it and is left with absolutely no idea as to what they should be forwarding to NCsoft because the OP didn't actually state what he thinks is broken. Seeing such threads one after the other is really annoying, because it's so futile and downright pointless. People seem to be missing the point of my thread, which is constructive critisicm. If you want something changed, state what it is that you want changed, don't just make a ridiculous thread bashing people that are playing X class.