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  1. yep cant play bns at all ping is just too bad subbed back to wow XD
  2. + ther is a new hack tool out ther so they can do gears and items/ gold all they whant
  3. yep i did go to true pirate i do think it's the best for now whit this event
  4. oh we8 a second they removed it omg why. oh yeah meaby it's too laagy nvm XD
  5. my server one player all redy have full set off thes gems G f,ucing G nice work nc-soft no p2w game but bit by bit you still are making it so.. so meaby it's rely time to sey bye bye to nc-soft so it's like 100ap from gems XD
  6. To clarify, True Profane will now only be able to progress to Oathbreaker and True Siren will only be able to progress to True Oathbreaker. The path from True Pirate will remain unchanged and can only progress to True Breeze
  7. yep it's a lie you see it clearly as low lvl player comes to areena they die rely fast
  8. removing the weapons is not an effective way, it is just a band-aid dunno isent even a band-aid what hapens to all the new players as you need a lot off gold after tru-profanity seams a bad in all the whye i see it
  9. they dont need to make backups for 2 days in a row. so ther is someting rong but they wont tell us / they just reley in lies and that is sad just shows how bad this company rely is
  10. meaby they star combine servers as a lot off them are dead
  11. well now it hapend to me. ppl are inv more @ second boss as they dont have green orb=( now this means im now saved for this dungeon.
  12. Tomb of Exiles, is rely bad now even in full 50LVL pt ther one sin that runs to boss and starts it killing the rest off pt " you all are too slow " just BS one epik fail from nc-soft
  13. hehehehe so i bet ppl start to trol and just spam that place XD
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