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  1. About Dragon Trade Pouch

    Seriously that no one answer this topic?!?! I need someone to answer this ASAP cause I got plenty on my Master Pack back in January I sent a couple to one of my Alts and saved the rest on my main...Now I need to send the rest of them to one of my other Alts and I can't ....WHY?! just WHY ?!?!? seriously?! can someone (user) with the knowing or from NCSoft to answer this?! Thanks in advance
  2. Spring Trove Event - P2W? Worth it? Concerns?

    Sorry to say this but P2W is just life it is... Richest people will pay for stuff in a blink of an eye and get what most people work hard all life to get and most of them don't even get in their life time! Richest ones will manage to get everything they want without any effort compared to those who put a lot of effort to get...got it?! so if you say something like this " So, why would everyone else actually spend time to play it? " I have to ask you... why you even bother to live/breath when life it self isi the same as p2w?! Get used to it...I'm sorry!
  3. Gameguard crashes at startup

    Until yesterday it was ok...today when I logged in I select any of my characters and game crashes during loading screen...only message I got is "Disconnected from server" :( probably something about gameguard as well I'm not sure...I'm trying to figure it out yet...
  4. I need and I hope they launch something to allow us to change server!!! I have 7 chars and I want them all to change server ASAP! Wildsprings (EU) is dead...I mean...no co-work between faction!!
  5. Lost Items bought from shop!

    So...the other day I got an axe for my destroyer from shop...didn't want to lose that skin and wanted to send it to my other char (another destroyer) after I did Revert Appearance...well I lost it...thought since it was an Item from shop we wouldn't lose the skins... guess I was wrong and now there's nothing I can do. So could you please create some way to save our shop skins? cause lets imagine you guys submit a new axe skin in shop and I want it...but I don't wanna lose my other axe skin to use it some day later...there should be a way to save all our weapon skins to use someday later. (At least for Premium players)
  6. OK it's enough!!!

    I'm tired of this! Please do something about the game stability and fast! this is insane...during beta no razer software like synapse had any conflit with the game and now everytime I run the game I have to turn off all the razer assossiated software which is ridiculous...and now even after I "kill" all assossiated razer software tasks my game don't start (some DDL error or whatever...already searched for solutions and still getting that error) and when it starts it crashes after a couple minutes no error window pops up or nothing like that!!! So am I the only one who thinks I'm wasting my 90 days master pack subscription?! cause I paid the game I'm not a F2P player! I wasted money on it's been like 3 or 4 days that I can't play cause of that!!! Please do something about it ASAP or refund the days I'm not playing because of those errors!!! I'm sorry but it's true!
  7. OK it's enough!!!

    during betas I never had any problem either... :(
  8. Constant crashing SOLVED! (finally!)

    tried that....and nothing...game not starting I'm still getting some DDL Error
  9. OK it's enough!!!

    Can you explain me better what you did cause I couldn't find any config file or anything like that you mention...or link me to that suggestion of the support please. thanks in advance
  10. OK it's enough!!!

    Still another day passed and couldn't play all day!! GG NCsoft for all the support and care for us! the funny thing is during all betas I played the game really smooth and nicely...after the game launch (head start) my problems started...first was the razer software...but ok I turned them all off and been playing nice now I'm getting DDL errors and when I'm not having those and game starts...it crashess after a couple minutes without error message...a little support would be really nice!
  11. Master pack's items transfer

    You have to send a mail to the name of your other char that you want to send the item...
  12. Faction Blue Vs Red Unbalanced Maybe?

    I'm not even on that server...and I'm blue so I can say this.... SHAME ON YOU AND ALL YOUR CLAN!! traitors to the red ones!! :O
  13. Master pack's items transfer

    yes you can...by mail them!
  14. STOP Gold Sellers!!

    Come on! I know it's hard to do something about this...but please start do something now otherwise will be late...I just created my second char and in less than 2 minutes I blocked 50 (mac block) players...and theres a lot more spamming in chat...right now it's not only on Region zone...they're now spamming in faction and lfp chat! it's getting insane! Or you start ban accounts and create some protection against that GSellers spamm (I know it's hard but you could try to filter IP's or something like that I don't know), or at least let us block unlimited players instead only 50 and please make the block list account wide instead only per each char cause everytime we create a new char we need to take a while to only block spammers!
  15. STOP Gold Sellers!!

    thanks for the quick answer :)
  16. STOP Gold Sellers!!

    Here's a link of a short clip I did a couple minutes ago for my twitch.... http://www.twitch.tv/kamiichiban/v/37538508
  17. Soooooo.....anyone else bored already?

    The true Magic in this game is after 45! GG lvling till lvl 13 which takes like hour and half! xD rofl... go back to SIMS and bye...one less making space in queue! ohhh and by the way...you never played a p2w game...otherwise you wouldn't say BnS are p2w!! BnS is far from p2w!!! btw...what's TERA?! is that even a game?!
  18. Goldsellers already in!!

    Yep thats it...they already raided the game at least here (Wild Springs - EU) they already spamming...and we can only block them...please add some function to report them!
  19. For Everyone having the 5-10min Crashes

    I have razer deathadder chroma and synapse installed but I have no macros at all...and I get 5~10 minutes crashes...im getting pissed off already...gonna try to close synapse...for now...cause I hope they fix this.
  20. +1 for this!!!! Got Master Pack and got really upset when I found that I need to mail my skins to my other chars and only one of them would get the weapon skin -.-"" wtf?! so please make it for all characters!!!
  21. No gear, No armor?!

    you seriously?! first of all learn "Chest" not "Cheat"! and like someone said before...soul shield is the same as armor in the other many common MMO's out there...armor is overrated!! tell me the logic of the others MMO's having a level 1 with a damn ugly armor BUT that covers all body (by logic should protect more) and when gets to higher level it gets just a "bikini" top armor style and its like 999999 power/defense etc?! seriously?! at least here outfits doesn't have nothing to do with stats which I agree! +1 for the outfits and soul shields!!!