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  1. i'm trying put together all at same place, maybe NC help us. Join us...
  2. so I'll think about NCSoft from now on Greatest Games....dead by baddest services...
  3. Its a nice company but i don't like FPS;;;;;
  4. It's enough to me..... so time to say Goodbye..
  5. How they know this before Lauch ? What are talking about ? i wanna know about others posts too.. thx...
  6. Welcome to the Team, Join US;
  7. Goodbye vipercad, Frozen Stinger, Dailies, gold and friends getting stronger than you...
  8. Nightmare Has come again... it never miss a day...
  9. Watch my Nightmare. Everyday at same time NC host getting worse I lost my patience and my money with Blade and Soul.
  10. i Can't play over a month and my 90 day of premium is going down the drain.... and problem is not ours ISP.. I'm playing FFXIV right now and get better latency and better stability.....
  11. i can't connect right now and my graphics at Pingplotter Show high traffic are losing package close to NC servers Someone more have this problem too ?
  12. it is how they treat us.. is last two of 16 email of unsuccessful try to resolve lag, disconnection, skill delay. i wish good luck whom stay and as i said A disappointed player
  13. I gave up... no hope... i'm very disappointed, I played Aion for years and always got a good response from Support but this time.. no words....
  14. I'm so tired to try get a solution. After 13 e-mail exchange i'm still having lag and no solution. To worsen, a day before i paid for 90 days of premium and bought some keys and can't enjoy without a disconnection, skill delays, lag and... more. i feel like throwing my money in a garbage can.
  15. this was my answer when asking why i have high latency and packet loss. After a some long tests and pingplotter data collect i don't have advanced knowledge about network, but if i have problem in my DNS why the problem only happens with NC hosts' ? srly, someone maybe explain to me..
  16. unfortunately this is the option, just quit... so bad..
  17. Hi Bruce The same way here. I'm using PingPlotter at the least 3 days to monitoring my connection some hosts from NC and other like a Google DNS ( Only on NC hosts has high latency and package lost (around 3~5%) Unfortunately the option that support team give to us is uninstall and stop play a "good" game... so bad... Regards
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