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  1. Not receiving Login Rewards

    Since the update launched, I got one message saying anew reward had arrived, but when I clicked the box to get it it said instead "no login rewards available." Continuing forward I have not received any login rewards. I've played quite a few hours, not of which were in lobby.
  2. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    I have to chime in and agree with the OP. When the game launched, I brought a group of former guild members from another game with me. We had every intention of restarting our guild here. Every one of them LOVED the game. Now here we are and the last time one of them logged in was over a month ago and that person was the last one standing besides myself. The reasons they left? Well, hackers, bots, spammers and faction imbalance (which I personally think is fueled by bots and spammers being programmed to join one faction.) I am still hanging on with hope, but for me the issue is also how absolutely *cricket* poor the performance of this game is. Disconnects, massive fps drops in 24 man instances etc. With the truly massive amount of cash they reeled in with launch, it seems unfathomable they can't invest a little in solving these problems. Blade and Soul won an award for best MMO of 2015 based only on the betas. Amazing accomplishment. Would it even make top ten in it's current state? I doubt, but not because the game itself is any less awesome that it was then, but entirely because of the management issues. There is still time for NCSoft to salvage things: 1. Optimize the game better for W10 etc. 2. Find a way to deal with bots, spammers and hackers. 3. Address faction imbalance. (perhaps incentives to switch to less populated like BSGO does every so often?) Pretty short list really. Challenge accepted?
  3. I really wish they would put them in the store like they did with Siren and Pirate Emblems. Attn: Babbletron!!!
  4. We need a kick function

    Considering the nature of this games "community," having a kick option would result in players getting kicked right when the boss is about to die so the leader can ninja the loot. It'll be the exact same people doing this as start bosses before the rest of the party is in boss room, or rush ahead before everyone is loaded in and then QQ that they have to wait for them to fight through the mobs left behind since the one who rushed got everyone stuck in combat. What the game actually needs to combat these problems is afk kick timer combined with some mechanic to assure everyone is actually loaded in before people can start moving. STO has this perfectly covered, afk in instance and you get 2 hour ban from all instances and no rewards. Also every newer instance has 45-60 seconds countdown timer at the beginning to encourage better communication and teamwork. The last thing this game needs IMO is any system that makes it easier for people to be jerks because, let's face facts, if only 1 in 6 is a jerk that is enough to ruin everyone else's fun.
  5. Any tricks to get the game to use MORE gpu and LESS cpu? It's annoying that my GPU memory is barely touched and my CPU is doing all the work.
  6. Thank you! That is what I guessed and it seems to help. Now if we can figure out a way to get NCSoft to make it 64bit so I can use all this wonderful unused memory.
  7. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Tonight I go into arena and after about five or six 1 v 1, I decide to get my tag team dailies done and farm some beans. Usually I prefer tag because the bean payout for wins is higher. After about a dozen matches, I have yet to see a matchup without two afk bots on EACH team. No exaggeration here, EVERY SINGLE TEAM I faced had two afk bots (at least, one had all three) and every team I got was myself and two afk bots. Finally I get a real team with three actual people. We win and just as the splash screen announcing the result is popping up, game crashes. This is getting to be BEYOND disappointing NCSOFT ... Suggestion: Allow players to leave team AFTER the match loads. This way when we see we have nothing but bots on our team, we can leave and que again. Eventually the bots will find they cannot profit since they never get to "play." Suggestion: Once we "report bot" block that player from EVER being auto teamed with the player that reported them. Eventually they will have no teams available once every legit player has blocked them. That's all. Thank you for your time.
  8. Group Consequence suggestions

    STO has this but it's only the first one who leaves that gets penalized. The ban is actually an hour though, Works great!
  9. Suggestion:Remove AP on non-main weapon

    Thumbs up! This is the single best idea yet to combat bots. Add to this changing the requirements for dungeon entry to be the actual upgraded weapon and problems is 80% solved.
  10. There needs to be a requirement system for certain dungeons

    I guess it would be pointless to note that the cross server dungeons ALREADY HAVE A MINIMUM REQUIREMENT set by the game. Every one of them has a minimum level and weapon listed. It literally won't allow you to join without meeting them. It may not be the minimum YOU want to see, but it IS the one the game developers decided on. If it's not high enough for you, start you own private party and stay out of random matched parties. If you join a random match and aren't happy with the group you get, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  11. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Adding my voice. This GameGuard monstrosity is not only burdensome to performance, but clearly completely ineffective. I've been enjoying the game so much since it was turned off, now it's back to swimming in concrete FPS drop and stutter. I hope someone is listening to the complaints. Make it go away, PLEASE!
  12. Too much scammers, enable currency exchange

    +1 million from me. The currency exchange being disabled is massively HURTING the game economy. Additionally, it encourages shady practice like master loot BS because people are desperate for game coin. Just enable it already PLEASE!