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  1. Title says it all, Assassin weapon clips through arm in idle stance. This really kills immersion. Sure a lot of costumes also have clipping issues but I can kinda dodge those by wearing other costumes. However there is no way to dodge the assassin weapon from stabbing straight through your arm when standing still. madbadsad
  2. Blade and Clipping

    the assassin weapon for example pierces straight through your arm when in idle stance. Some clothing clipping I can live with since I can decide not to wear em but when you like a class a lot and you are forced to have your weapon pierce straight through your arm when standing still it really breaks immersion a lot.
  3. What kind of player are you?

    I am the player that is annoyed by bots everywhere, goldsellers everywhere, lack of kick option in cross-server dungeon and ninja-looting masterlooters in cross-server dungeons. I guess I would be number 2 then, the heart. Since I predict that at this pace the game will quickly die unless they change things.
  4. It is beyond ridiculous that such insane abuse as party leaders constantly switching the loot rules to master looter at the end of a dungeon is still in the game. Loot rules should absolutely not be able to be changed in cross-server dungeon, this is killing all the fun for them. Also make it so that AFK-ers can be kicked since at the moment we can only kick people that are actually offline but the afk leachers are a way bigger problem than people leaving the game. These are two very easy things to fix compared to the bot invasion that is happening everywhere. Make it happen and fast or the mentality in this game will become even worse than it already is.
  5. For sure, precisely what you said.

    Nom Nom Nom, I am eating delicious food covered with your tears. Don't start a discussion on multi-boxing in a thread about bots. Kthnxbailel

    dude stop being retarded, this is not a case of multi-boxing. They keep walking the same patterns over and over and over again. The same happened in korea with hundreds of bots walking in the same zone. Don't tell me that's hundreds of multi-boxers...
  8. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    I completely agree, killing will always happen but don't reward gankers for doing so.
  9. lel you are just bad. First of all you picked the slowest paced class in the game with the possible exception of Summoner but still you picked a magician among martial artists and then complain about not doing kung fu dodges left and right. Yes there is quite some CC and there are about as much CC breaks and ways to dodge em for almost all classes, putting in points in certain skills also makes em counter CC even more than the default anti-CC skills you have. Also there have been a few very constructive feedback posts on earlier pages which you just completely ignored and then you say we are only hating on you. Well with the way you are posting here it would not be strange to get hated eventually since you are acting very immature.
  10. My EXP so far as a JBM

    I have indeed had this happen to me as well, after being free from root and already doing my thing the camera is still very rarely locked into place.