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  1. About gem sockets

    Hi everyone.I am in Baleful stage 6 and still 3 gem sockets.I had to spend all my gold and hogmoon points from venture tokens and gold sold to unlock the 4th slot.I see everyone in lower or the same stages of the weapon with all sockets unlocked.I wonder if am I missing something in this game,is there another way to unlock those sockets?I'm a casual player and I don't have time to craft,barely i can do all the purple dungeons and daily.To unlock the 5th socket is a ton of legendary gem hammers and even i play for a year a cannot afford it.Any advice would be apreciated.Thank you in advance.
  2. About gem sockets

    Wow guys thank you very much didn't know you can buy weapon several times to reroll it,you saved my ass thanks again :)))
  3. So I understand that we have to wait endless queues when a mmorpg comes out,that's the way of life,always been like that,but waiting in a game that almost have 2 years??This is the first time it happens to me with a mmorpg,I returned to give a try the maestro class and when I login I see the magic window saying "you are in the .... place ....,So the litle hype i had to play this game again went down,coz for when i can play,i have to go to work coz i have a life,so in 2 days 0 playtime.At least didn't spend a single euro on this game so I have no right to whine :P
  4. The Hax R Back

    As the title says,here we go: (Forwarded to Support) Nothing left to say.
  5. Announcement Greetings, In order to prevent unintended file formats uploaded to the character profile system, the image uploader feature has been suspended and images with the incorrect formats will be deleted. The character profile image feature will undergo changes to its system, we will be sure to share more details about this new system when they are available. If at all during your adventures in Blade & Soul you discover an inappropriate image within a player’s character profile, please submit a ticket to Customer Support and they will be able to take the look into the issue further. We appreciate your patience while we make these changes, Team Blade & Soul As me,many people put at least a minimum effort to put a nice gif in their profile,these are for me little things that make enjoyable a game."hum,what about making an offensive picture report feature?Nope,just let's disable the whole picture system,easier".Gj Ncsoft.At least confirm this is a temporary meassure or permanent.The way is going this game I think Black Desert will be my choice...
  6. Profile Pictures

    So for now my gif wont show,they say is suspended,but are they gonna fix it or will leave like this??I had a really nice gif in my profile and don't wanna lose it,for me thses little things make a game more enjoyable,don't wanna go Black Desert for something like this :P
  7. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    Same here,but after the patch everything is been ok,but since this morning I have constant dcs too,yesterday the game went fine but today I don't know
  8. Why is the game crashing all the time ?

    Same problem here,once I enter the game in 5 mins crashes.Only happen since this morning never had this issue before.
  9. Disconnected from server, help??

    Don't reinstall or touch anything,if yesterday and other days your game went fine just wait form them to fix it.ppl like to answer like if they were tech service:"did you update drivers"?,"Did you reinstall?".Just ignore them,if your game worked fine yesterday and you did nothing just wait.Or may be you are experimenting microdcs of your internet connection
  10. Disconnected from server, help??

    Same happens to me since this morning,I'm not able to play coz game dcs in 2-5 mins.Yesterday was fine and never crashed before hope they fix it soon
  11. Since this morning when I enter cross server dungeons and arenas I'm suffering random dcs with no reason.Yesterday had no problem but suddenly this morning I cannot play because I disconnect every 5 mins...
  12. Oh yes,let's make a group all with 360 ap,take a year to defeat each boss and let them enrage due to low dps....
  13. I was doing my pvp daylies and some quest tonight and I DELIVERED THEM when i realized that I had no crystals and rewards from completing them,then the server crashed and when I log in again I see THAT I HAVE TO DO THEM AGAIN,is this a kind of joke or something?Ebon Hall here,I refuse to do them again coz is not my fault so I will send a ticket but this is a new level of trolling eu players...
  14. As the title says,I'm sick of seeing undergeared and underleveled people in high level instances.You try to do your daylies in blue and purple dungeons and is a nightmare,you see lvl 20 in Tomb of Exiles (rl 36),I saw A LEVEL 26 IN POH 6 MAN,people wearing the blue Dokumo weapon just to enter the poh 6 and bsh.Ffs,just set a lvl lock and a min ap or something with the weapons.Ncsoft really fkd up this game in western release...
  15. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    The problem is not about the game itself,this game is very enjoyable in ch,kr and ru.The problem is what they did with the game for the Western release.They changed almost everything,nerfed for retardeds,they forced us to evolve mainstream weapon,in kr another weapons had their own path,you had different neclaces rings etc to evolve,mushin tower weapon was pretty good itself etc,outfits were salvageable,some weapons tradeable,even the brilliant keys,and for Eu and NA they removed all of this making this game just for retardeds,forcing us just to make daylies and grind just to buy mats to evolve a weapon that will be obsolete at lvl 50.They made the endgame useless,no valuable drops,no reason to do it.Is so sad to see this game maimed like this...
  16. ONLY party leader can skip the final cutscene in that dungeon,that is like this in eu,ru,kr etc so is not a bug.
  17. Broker crashes all the time

    As title says,once you try to search in broker across pages always crashes.More improvements would be apreciated too as a refresh button,more agility etc.Is by far the less friendly broker i´ve seen in a mmorpg
  18. I'm afraid that will be true.I spent money just to play in headstart,but for sure I know that I wont put any buck more in this game just due to this maintenances,and may be unistall and search another alternatives.I've been playing in kr and ru servers and gotta say that West release is an absolute mess,they killed the game in content and many other ways,so sad to see this great game like this U.u
  19. Anyway,if you have played a new released mmo this is absolutely normal.This is not the first time and it won´t be the last.In my opinion ncsoft is doing pretty well,counting that this game launched without open beta phase.You should played Archeage in its release,that was a nightmare...
  20. Please,read before posting... With such a successful reception of the Blade & Soul launch, our servers have begun overflowing with players who are excited to jump into The Earthen Realm. Our servers are reaching their maximum capacity and many players are waiting in queues at this time. We understand that waiting in a queue is not the most exciting experience and so we have taken—and are continuing to take—measures to help reduce queue times. We have significantly raised the maximum capacity of our servers, while ensuring they remain stable, and we've restricted character creation on servers as needed—which has helped balance population across all servers. We also offered a limited-time item transfer service to get people off of high population servers that ended earlier today. On top of those, we also deployed a hotfix earlier today that will include the much-requested auto-kick feature for players who have been inactive, as well as addressing the queue time text that was not displaying correctly. You can view the hotfix notes here: Finally, we’ve been working to open new servers as quickly as possible, and the servers are expected to be available in the next 48 hours. For those of you who have yet to start playing, or those of you who wouldn't mind starting over, it can be expected that wait times on them may be a bit shorter. We'll have more details on server names and the downtime schedule as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that these queues exist because of an overwhelmingly positive demand to play Blade & Soul, and we ask for your patience as we're working around the clock to improve everyone’s game experience. Thanks again for your patience. Bethany "Rukkirii" Stout Community Manager Twitter: @Liinxy | Twitch: @Liinxy
  21. As the title says,I´ve uninstalled cbt client,launcher,reg clean etc.Downloaded and installed the new one and pops the same script error as the old one.This is not a problem,the game launches,but I have to close 2 windows each time I open the launcher,It´s annoying this error shows only to display a usless banner inside the launcher.Firefox user here,and yes,debugging disabled in IE.
  22. I agree with all you said.For me is the only thing left done to make this game perfect.I have to use 3th party programs to do what this game should do itself,and I have to say is the first mmorpg that I play with this problem.Just take a look to another korean games like Aion,u can rebind almost everything modifiers included,Tera goes even beyond,you can rebind and use modifiers even in the mouse click buttons lie Shift+leftmousebutton etc.