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  1. Wow guys thank you very much didn't know you can buy weapon several times to reroll it,you saved my ass thanks again :)))
  2. Hi everyone.I am in Baleful stage 6 and still 3 gem sockets.I had to spend all my gold and hogmoon points from venture tokens and gold sold to unlock the 4th slot.I see everyone in lower or the same stages of the weapon with all sockets unlocked.I wonder if am I missing something in this game,is there another way to unlock those sockets?I'm a casual player and I don't have time to craft,barely i can do all the purple dungeons and daily.To unlock the 5th socket is a ton of legendary gem hammers and even i play for a year a cannot afford it.Any advice would be apreciated.Thank you in advance.
  3. So I understand that we have to wait endless queues when a mmorpg comes out,that's the way of life,always been like that,but waiting in a game that almost have 2 years??This is the first time it happens to me with a mmorpg,I returned to give a try the maestro class and when I login I see the magic window saying "you are in the .... place ....,So the litle hype i had to play this game again went down,coz for when i can play,i have to go to work coz i have a life,so in 2 days 0 playtime.At least didn't spend a single euro on this game so I have no right to whine :P
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