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  1. Worst part is that it looks like the winner, took inspiration in one of the Korean runner up on their contest last year. http://bns.plaync.com/board/contest/fashion/article/5865625?p=4
  2. The problem is when those people are on the LFP. Last night I was trying to get into a necro-6 party quickly, so instead of waiting for a 440~460 AP party, I just pressed the button to be done with. The game placed me in another lobby and the guy upon checking my gear, kicked me out...of an LFP party. I tried searching again and the game placed me on the same lobby 3 times again. So yeah, it's getting annoying.
  3. That's the Plague Razor, that drops from Plague Hollow, it also shares the same skin with the Imperator Razor
  4. Say hello to Eirin!! Obligatory Soulburn outfit shot!
  5. Someone still need to spent money in order to you get those hcoins...
  6. Actually, they removed the option to salvage outfits under the pretense of stopping bots from farming fabrics from them. Now if you really want it, either you have to pay some absurd money on the market or waste real money on an outfit that you will salvage. Also, those boxes have a chance to fail the craft.
  7. Well, can I have your stuff then?
  8. No idea as well, funny thing is this game is rated M and yet the mentality of some people are worse than the community on T rated game...
  9. Can't wait for the 8th floor on mushin's tower so I can get this one My wish list:
  10. Pretty much this. Also, the drop rate seems to be the same on all wheels, I got the King Kaari on my 11th try, while it took me more than 150 to get it from Pinchy
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