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  1. Outfit contest and "players choice "

    Worst part is that it looks like the winner, took inspiration in one of the Korean runner up on their contest last year.
  2. Original Wind/Thunder God Outfits

    They added the male version, because the female lyn was the only one that didn't used the original version. But they said that the original would still drop, so females could have 4 different outfit drops(Thunder and Wind god as the current one and Gust and Lightning God as the original outfits), but a bug is preventing the original outfits from dropping.
  3. So I was wondering if there's any news about it. They said there was a bug stopping it from drop a few months ago but then they never said anything about it. @51m32s of this video
  4. Character Profile Picture

    Then punish the few, not the whole, like the other regions do. But hey, it's just easier to block everyone from using the feature, right?
  5. Troubles in Sogun's Lament

    But then I lose the stun on thrall and I need it for the double stun Shadows
  6. Troubles in Sogun's Lament

    So, I've been doing the 4 for a while and I noticed on Iruga, that when the shadows spawns and I pull my Thrall, they aggro on it right away, any one knows why or a way around it? It's kinda annoying because I need to tank 1 hit with Quell to be able to use 1 knockdown and even after I hit the shadow, it just keep going straight to my thrall.
  7. The problem is when those people are on the LFP. Last night I was trying to get into a necro-6 party quickly, so instead of waiting for a 440~460 AP party, I just pressed the button to be done with. The game placed me in another lobby and the guy upon checking my gear, kicked me out...of an LFP party. I tried searching again and the game placed me on the same lobby 3 times again. So yeah, it's getting annoying.
  8. The elitism is strong with this one

    Care to elaborate your point?
  9. Also no cool dragon effects, even tho they have a skill called dual dragons...
  10. PopstarPaci’s Awakened Necropolis Guide

    How much ap is needed to run this on 4-man? I mean, the minimum required. I'm a warlock sitting on 440, and I can do the 6man version with no problem(with a full 440 party), but I want to be sure that we wont be getting the enraged because of me.
  11. People are doing this on purpose. I was running BSH and it droped a Razor, I was the only wlk on the party but still, people kept biding on it, for no reason at all, luckly I got it from the box, while the guy who won spent 5g
  12. Soulburn stacking

    It doesn't, there's a "global cooldown" along with the normal cooldown. So if someone uses soulburn before you, you both will share a global cooldown of 1 min(I think), then you will be able to use it. Also it's worthy to note that Soulburn and Time warp doesn't share the global cooldown, so you can have both active at same time.
  13. You lost another player

    Since you are leaving, can I have your stuff?
  14. Show off your characters!!

    That's the Plague Razor, that drops from Plague Hollow, it also shares the same skin with the Imperator Razor