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  1. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    Because if it's intentional- You're asking for a devs to put forth effort to re-haul a system they think is fine. You seem intelligent enough to realize that asking for a company to change it's outlook on a design they deem worth keeping is pretty much like asking for a baby dragon. It's not gonna happen. Common sense is not so common. But, if a mod- in contact with a developer- says that the system is intentional..then that's the end of story for my question. What the OP is then asking for is a baby dragon.
  2. naryu labyrinth prerequisite

    So...I don't have that quest..... and I'm stuck.
  3. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    Can you link me to the post where NCsoft acknowledged or stated that animation cancelling is unintended? You can't presume to know what was developed intentionally and what was an unintentional effect without either A. A direct involvement in the development of the game ( in which case I would expect you to change it yourself) or B. A developer that was part of the team stating " This is/is not intentional" Without one or both of those point's stating that something is or is not intentional is that of pure opinion, and may change whether you're asking for something to be redeveloped or fixed.
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That's what the block list was intended for. Right now it's used to stop spam. Which shouldn't be the case.
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That's nice. But when my block list fills up from a week of gold spammer's something has got to give. NC needs to add an anti spam code in there chat. Or actively ban people. I don't care which.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    So the spammers are in full force today. I think I'll just turn off faction chat until NC gives a !@#$%
  7. Thanks for the feedback and I sent in the PM
  8. Yes, the codes were applied to my account the first day of headstart
  9. Awesome. So I should twiddle my thumbs and just...hope they remember? You have actually had some type of interaction with them, they at least transferred over your items. I have recieved Nothing. not one thing. If tickets are answered in the order they were received. Telling my I should be patient, after someone who submitted a request hours after me actually had there ticket answered is basically like telling someone at the airport it's ok to have people cut in line because there bags are blue. My patients has a limit, I think I have been pretty Civil for the past 6 days. I don't mind waiting. But I do mind waiting for nothing.
  10. I read somewhere someone found a number for NC support. Think it would be better just to call?
  11. I have been keeping up with my emails since day 1. I got my tickets answered by 4 different reps. Still nothing. Got my tickets merged. Still nothing. Six days.
  12. So I updated my ticket again with the same instructions ( basically forwarding the same thing at this point). 6 day wait. Goin on 7
  13. Still waiting on a reply from support after I updated the ticket AGAIN.
  14. So.... After about 4 tickets, with 4 people.. I still haven't received any of my Founders Pack Items OR Ncoin. I have had my ticket's merged, but I am hoping that with them being Merged the request, wont go ignored entirely. Is anyone else still waiting for a reply or a resolution from NC support? .. P.S. The reason for this topic is mostly from concern. My GF who also plays and also bought a master pack, submitted her ticket AFTER me ( by a few hours in fact) And her items have been refunded, and her issues pretty much resolved.