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  1. While the toxic player base is a problem I'd say the real problem is the ever increasing AP, since every time the dev's boost AP to help the new players it also boosts the old players the problem doesn't actually get fixed when everyone was asking for 900ap the dev's released a patch that made it fairly easy to get to 900ap but then all the old players started asking for 1k for the same dungeons that they only asked 900ap the day before. Now I see people asking for 1.1k ap for dungeons that don't even need 900ap to complete if you know the mech. Ironically now I actually see players 1.1kap who
  2. to be honest I've never been great at farming gold so I mostly just use to do the dailies on all my alts and hope for some 10g-100g drops (never seen 1000g drop the whole time I've been playing) but after the recent removal of them I make about 10 gold a day.... lol considering I need a few thousand so my main could even hope to run anything past NS. My main is sitting at HM11 1050ap and I need about 500g to either buy the mats to make the items or buy the finished items to upgrade my weapon and that's only going to be about a 7ap increase. I can't run any dungeons that drops anything useful
  3. I feel your pain 10 runs in one day 4 gauntlets 4 bracers and 2 axes...feels like my razor is never going to drop but I sure it will after I've given up all hope or I see it in a run after I buy a key since I'm planning on getting a key when I get a Asura box next. The last boss fight is easy, I find KD mech of the second boss more problematic what with a warlocks almost total lack of KD. What really annoys me is not being able to run EC I only see people looking for 800-900ap and I'm stuck at 735ap until I can upgrade since it was suggested that I don't upgrade my weapon until I get it to at
  4. bit of a necro but I'd agree with the timing, Force master here and I've been using the lmb rmb 2 and the rmb lmb 2 combo for the whole game and now I'm "not" doing it right..... forget this.In the next update either simply remove the "quick combos" or make them more forgiving by a lot or simply include a way to hide the hongmoon training room icon. I can do the combo much faster in game then trying to match the ridiculous combo timing they have. The best I've gotten is 5/6. I just thought of this now but really what they should do is simply give a time limit to compete the combo instead of ma
  5. Since it seems you didn't read my post or if you did then didn't understand what I wrote here it is again. "just agree to disagree and drop it here" since the whole p2w thing was offtopic and I didn't want to drag this down to pointless and useless squabbling. Please understand I'm not trying to be rude but I'm really not interested in discussing this.
  6. lol if you can spend a little real money and double your damage in the early game how isn't that p2w but lets just agree to disagree and drop it here since it's obvious that just saying the word p2w is like some kind of cancer for you. I feel sorry for anyone that for some reason couldn't learn the class they picked in over 50 levels but I don't really see why that should impact everyone else who does learn the class before that. Have all these changes been made to the KR server or is this stupidity limited to NA?
  7. It moves this game farther into pay to win territory tho, I simply went to my main and spent a bunch of gold to pick up a AP gem that had twice my weapons ap, now I'm much closer to the level of everyone that didn't make there character on Wednesday. Not to mention I just finished blackram narrows was barely helping anyone, also the Blight Ring listed here http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/evolution-streamlining/ doesn't exist. No bosses drop it and it isn't even listed in the rewards well done NCsoft. Also I thought they streamlined the evolution to speed it up for new players not make ever
  8. I created a new alt to see how the game would be without weapon/accessory evolving. The Answer is I'm extremely weak and super easy to kill. I have a level 19 warlock that is under 40 AP, took me over 15 minutes just to kill pokey and that isn't counting the time I screwed up a dodge and he one shot me. Wouldn't be so bad if it was just the weapons but I'm really missing the accessories. At this point I'd be more then happy to invest gold to simply be stronger. I miss the old system already but will keep playing...maybe this will even out in end game but without evolving accessories I don't re
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