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  1. bump, opening recruitment again, pm me in game for more info
  2. For people that have ran blackwyrm..

    600+ Brilliants, no gem, no ring. Fez is prob near if not at 1k kills already, nothing either. Zj though, 47 kills on his Wyrmsbane, both gems.
  3. About Us: We are a group of dedicated close friends looking to expand our little community to other players who share the same mentality as us: to strive and play at the most competitive level in a comfortable environment. The most important thing we expect from prospects is the involvement with the clan. We want people who are chill, easy going and will communicate with the rest of the clan. We are on Discord, and if we are online, we will most likely be in a voice channel where you can just hop in and have some company while you enjoy the game. We are not looking to become a big clan, and are looking to close recruitment once we have about 20 active players. Why join us? You want to play with drama-free and competitive people. We are geared well to do all content fast and efficiently. If there is an empty channel over the weekday for Blackwyrm, we can start one anytime with just our clan and get some head start damage until the faction comes in later. Half of us PvP on the side and many of us have gotten platinum+ rank in the last season. What is expected from you: Be Mature. Be active. Have good communication skills. Do not feel like you need to make effort to make small talk, just be yourself. Do not worry if English is not your first language although we’ll be speaking only in English--we still welcome anyone with a good personality. With that said, the next thing we look from prospects is their skill with the game. Unfortunately at this time we are not looking to recruit new players who are still trying to learn the game. We will all help and contribute equally together to get things done. You should have a decent knowledge about the game, how stats work (min-maxing), how to run various content, and just how to use your time in game efficiently. You should have a clear idea on how to earn and use gold efficiently. You don’t need to know how to do future content, or master every mechanic for every dungeon, but you need to have a quick learning curve to get things down after running it a few times. You need to be willing to experiment things on your own, and not expect things to be done in one way and think you can get by with that. You want to be self-sufficient and versatile. Requirements: Donation of 5 gold and 30 soulstones every week, starting Saturday. At least True Pirate Weapon and True Siren accessories. Fused soul shields, know how to build stats. Decent gems at least. Be ready for upgrades when they become available, and not barely get by. Your faction rank will be used as an indicator to show how active you are in participating in faction zone, related to how well you can make gold. If you are interested in joining us, please leave a post here with your IGN and any sort of additional information you want to tell us about, if any. Or send me a mail in game on Daisy/Starbo. Admins: - Daisy/Starbo - Terry - Zombie Banner Credit: Sachi (Myth/Unidentified)
  4. So I just logged in

    I thought I was a little laggy but those triple posts though
  5. So I just logged in

    I thought I was a little laggy but those triple posts though
  6. So I just logged in

    I thought I was a little laggy but those triple posts though
  7. Evade and block are too unreliable for OWPvP. You just try to get definite gains rather than by chance, especially if you're not 1v1'ing. Because it's not like you can hit something like 50% block and evade where it could be arguably worth. But crit defense should probably be first priority, you're literally preventing them from doing 2x damage
  8. You will be at ~40% crit even with 0 fused crit which is still quite often. You reduce a bunch of crit damage when you stack critical defense. so pretty much even when they crit, it's like they're not critting.
  9. OWPvP - HP, Piercing, Defense, and Critical Defense
  10. [Video] Bloodshade Harbor 4 Man

    For entertainment purposes only, not meant to serve as a guide. It's maintenance and figured anyone who is bored can watch. I wouldn't mind getting more audience to my channel for those who like my videos :) But I do think people in F8 have no idea what they are doing sometimes, maybe they can see how we glide and wall dash certain parts so they don't die somewhere that makes it difficult for the party to continue the run. Clearly some mobs you can't avoid without a sin so...well if you run with one you better tell him/her what he/she can do! Anyway enjoy!
  11. This game is not P2W, let me show you

    Thanks and yeah you're absolutely correct. I actually didn't buy those soulstones to invest, most of them I farmed from Blackwyrm. I recommend farming for Moonwater Tears or Blackwyrm if you need start up gold. Brightstone solo can be done on most classes now, if you want chance at Merry Potter recipe. I'd do Pigsty if you were purely farming for tears, which is a good 1.4g every ~5 mins or so.
  12. So Tired of Exploiters in Ogong..

    I thought they were giving out the ban hammers already. People are so brave nowadays