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  1. bump, opening recruitment again, pm me in game for more info
  2. About Us: We are a group of dedicated close friends looking to expand our little community to other players who share the same mentality as us: to strive and play at the most competitive level in a comfortable environment. The most important thing we expect from prospects is the involvement with the clan. We want people who are chill, easy going and will communicate with the rest of the clan. We are on Discord, and if we are online, we will most likely be in a voice channel where you can just hop in and have some company while you enjoy the game. We are not looking to become
  3. It's amazing to me to hear these stories on how much people actually farmed. I'm very impressed at the dedication
  4. I can't believe you said as an FM you find it hard to keep up in terms of DPS and that they are support ;c Not an insult, but you can do the massive deeps. Go fire, I cannot explain because I am a bad player. But I think you won't go wrong if you take a leap of faith and take my suggestion. LMB+RMB+2 spam under burn.
  5. ^If that was not clear enough, jump from the south end of the tree. You might need to do several attempts.
  6. Gold is so easy to make when you hit 45. I just feel like people don't go out of their way to make gold because I can't seem to think how else you can be broke.
  7. I do feel like not having the wardrobe would be a pain. But not my problem for now ;D Do hope it gets changed it's such a convenience that everyone should have
  8. I've only heard from friends they wanted pecs on their males but here ooo...
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