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    Hive Queen

    The reason they're asking in the first place isn't so they can be told, go wait till you have more DPS. They're asking for it to be fixed because it is NOT supposed to be the way it is. It's a bug, it's broken. God forbid people ask for the game to be fixed and working correctly. I haven't really even seen this be addressed by anyone on the staff besides: 'We're looking into it' MONTHS ago. It used to be in the known issues part of the forums but since i don't see it anymore and since i don't hit bug bomb phase of HQ i'd be genuinely curious to know if they actually fixed it to either not incl
  2. Arktic

    HQ bug bomb

    Having spent over an hour in HQ tonight, My raid tested a lot of theories regarding what was going on with bug bomb because some of us were doing vt back when the mech existed. We tested having players in mid, out of mid, whichever players hp bar had agro besides the tank and having them get out. Unsure if this is EXACTLY whats happening, but in the end we concluded that the bug bomb; which is supposed to go to one of the 3 players in the middle section of the map, and with an fm can be semi- cheated into giving the fm the bomb 100% of the time, would NOT be on the player but just centered dir
  3. I also started after 12m, or started clearing after 12m. I did do attempts in 24m but never cleared, Necklace is not 100% though. In the 4 runs i've done we've had something like 3 necklaces, 1 badge from boss one and 2:2 necklace:badges for two. I didn't know that it could drop both though that is interesting, thanks for informing me. I see how it seems it's 100% to you now
  4. Can someone explain why you guys think necklaces are 100% drop rate? Because how I see it VT works EXACTLY like bt. There's 3~4 items that can drop; in bt its 2 rings and 2 earrings of a certain element at each boss. In VT its two necklaces and a badge item. It's rng. In NO WAY are necklaces 100% drop rate. You're just throwing around a percentage when you don't KNOW the exact percentage. Rng is Rng. I also don't agree with the idea of, if we can't raid we should get it in a 6m dungeon or through feathers/orbs, since you can obtain those so easily OUTSIDE of a raid. 6m dungeons are farmable
  5. That's fine no problem.~ Its once per account, no matter gifted or bought. So if you bought it you can't receive it as a gift and if you got it as a gift you can't buy it. @xo that tweet seems to be saying that if you receive a box the person who gets it gifted to them would receive the milestones. No where does it say you'd both receive them. I guess just wait for someone else to clarify.
  6. My take on this is: 1. You can only get the box itself on your account ONCE. Whether it was gifted or bought yourself. 2. The only person who will receive the milestone rewards when gifting is the person who is gifted the box, not the person who gave it to them. Overall you would only receive the box outfit and all the milestone rewards ONCE per account, even if you gifted multiple others the box, you would not say receive 3 black padded coats, spring breeze, ect. for gifting 3 other people the box.
  7. If you get mark in normal or hard EC all your job is only, unless you're the one stealthing, to stand in front of the boss. If youre a sin,which you shouldnt really being getting marked if youre melee unless the range are super close too, i've seen a bug where sometimes a sin will reenter stealth and then the mech gets bugged and everyone gets lifted because the mark is hidden even though the mark is supposed to keep you out of stealth. If you're not a sin and you stayed out of stealth, the problem lies with either, 1. the stealther failing to party stealth or 2. Your teammates who don't know
  8. Cerulean has always dominated poh, and when iksa joined i'm pretty sure many red iksa's merged blue. Red faction doesn't ever do faction related things, I know blue used to i'm not sure if they do still. However, your best chance is with blue.
  9. Lyn Locks are also still broken too. But i've kind of accepted it since i don't want to talk to support since others can't seem to get the problem across either.
  10. Oh youre right. After waiting a little and he shifted to a different standing position he went back to the right facing animations and his facials came back. So it's the left-facing animations that are broke i guess? Edit: After looking at my sum i realize why i never noticed a difference between the stances is because my sum never goes into the right facing animations/never changes his stance. Wonder if that's intentional.
  11. That's why i was wondering if anyone else had it, cause my Sum and BD and lyn FM are all fine it's just my lyn warlock. I might take it to support, but from reading past comments about this situation i don't know if they'd completely understand. So i wonder if it'll be like talking to a confused brick wall.
  12. Question, Is your Lock a Jin or lyn? Cause this is what my lock looks like 99% of the time, Yndril's lyn has no expression too, unless theirs got fixed. It's really bugging me cause he won't even blink until he goes full body animation, lol. .
  13. So another thing i've noticed is when my lock picks something up, I.E. Carrying a body, plant ect. for a quest his facial animations actually return and he looks fine. Then i'll put it down and he'll go completely stone-faced again. So hopefully NCW will continue to work on it since it seems something glitched somewhere but it seems like it'd be an easy fix since the animations are there, just not working at the proper times.
  14. Thanks, I'm really fond of him, more-so than my other two, which is why i'm so bummed that he's the one with the more messed up animations. Lol. So it does seem that it is a Warlock malfunction, unless anyone has noticed anything big with their other classes?
  15. This is a short gif i took so if anyone else can confirm, I guess it's just Lyn Warlocks? He'll do that kind of eye closing mouth opening thing for a few rotations mixed with his full body animations before going completely stone faced with the frown kind of stuck. Then proceed back into the pout-y mouth thing again. At first i thought maybe the class had its own kind of facial animations but i highly doubt that's the case.
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