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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    Just got obsidian serpent right as it happened
  2. WTF!!!

    Not having legs sure helps with that. Along with another pc.
  3. WTF!!!

    11 hours... 11 goddamned hours... I've been in the queue for 11 *cricket*ING hours and right when it changes to the loading screen client shuts down. GOD*cricket*INGDAMMIT!!! *cricket* this shit
  4. In my timezone it is now 5:58 p.m I've been waiting since 11:30 a.m EDIT: people will hate me for it but once I log on I'm not logging off.
  5. Regarding masters founder pack

    You don't
  6. Training Weapon

    ask someone who is ingame
  7. Server Suggestions to reduce queue

    I sure hope so been waiting for almost a while now.
  8. I just had most random DC

    be ready for that to jump back and forth between60 and 90 minutes constantly
  9. Queue times

    Goes from 30 minutes to 81...yeah *cricket* you
  10. While we wait for queue. What's up?

    Honestly after waiting in queue for so long the hype is long gone.
  11. Another rant

    I don't see what that has to do with anything I paid $124 usd plus tax which came up to $134 usd
  12. Another rant

    So I've been in queue for the last 2 hours (surprise surprise) I go grab a drink come back read a little while waiting the queue is down to 5 minutes left. So I put my book down and get ready to play. Queue wait time shoots up to 90 minutes left.. What in the actual *cricket*.
  13. PSA about weapon skins

    Master pack weapon skins can only be redeemed for one character. So choose wisely.
  14. Question about founder pack

    It does thanks.
  15. Question about founder pack

    I hope so.