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  1. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    As has repeatedly been said, it is mainly the scaling that people object to. I.e. the difference in supplying one character or multiple characters. Which is instantly solved with account bound items. The tiny cost to the company for account bound items, is the loss of sales to people who buy multiple of same outfit. Which I have never done, and I haven't heard a single friend of mine ever do either. But I am sure there must be someone out there who do that, else character bound items would be nothing but bad karma.
  2. Personally I wouldn't want a high in demand name. Never used one, and I assume people would always come up to you and say "Hi" and then they realize you weren't one of the 500 others who liked to use that character name.
  3. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    And you should have realized people don't mind giving that money back and then some. It is just a question about what you get for the money. If you pay 3 subscriptions for a game, how much game should you get? According to your arguments I'm supposed to get 3 characters worth of game. I.e. in reality I pay a subscription per character in F2P games, and in P2P games I pay for an account. Most people, for some odd reason, like paying on an account basis.
  4. Well, all you need is to never buy anything and just play. I'm sure the publishers are going for these customers mainly. Why even try and convince people to buy founders packs, or use the cash shop? No, all you need is 1 free character and never spend a dime.
  5. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    Are you aware that computers are not NEEDED? They are just a quality of life thing. Now guess how many buys computers. Quite a lot eh? With that I want to make it perfectly clear that something can be extremely high in demand, even if it is optional. That is why F2P lives on costumes. It isn't even a worry that some month nobody will buy costumes because it is optional. It is guaranteed to always sell in more quantities than you would sell subscriptions. You could pretty much say the costumes IS the game. Remove costumes, and the game dies. Instantly. You can't support the costs in any other way, because everything inside the game is worth LESS than a costume. Even P2W items would sell in fewer quantities than costumes. Because only a minority cares about winning. (After all, if 1000 people cared about winning, 999 would be angry at not being at top). And I happen to be saving money for a house, and a new car. I can clearly afford a whole horde of costumes, but why should I act like an idiot and waste all my money on that when I can be a responsible adult and spend money on improving my life?
  6. Removing the pantyhose from the NA costume. How could you?

    Male stockings? And it looks good? Maybe I shouldn't have dismissed the idea to wear stockings as crazy! Now where do I buy some hot adult male stockings.
  7. Two things about the last stream

    Shame nobody knows what P2W means. It means "you" have to pay money to reach your goal. I.e. it is P2W if you are a crafter and crafting items are exclusively on cash shop. It is P2W if you are an outfit collector and outfits are in cash shop. It is P2W if there are PvP items in cash shop and you are a PvPer. It is P2W if there are PvE items in cash shop, and you run dungeons and raids. The only tiny detail is that it is not P2W for everyone. Which means everyone ever saying "At least it isn't P2W" are only speaking for themselves. Some of us others actually suffer from every single MMO being P2W. For some reason we tend to be the adults with a job, so we don't complain as much as the children and their PvP rankings. (In fact we value the instant item grab from a cash shop over spending some months literally working for a goal in a MMO)
  8. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    The problem is actually less the pricing, and more the traits of the item. If it is unbound items, that means buying a 30 dollar costume, gives you a costume worth 30 dollars in trade in the game. Meaning you invested into the costume and lost no value. If it is account bound, that means buying a 30 dollar costume last for up to 7-9 characters, and it becomes a per character cost of barely 5 dollars, which is a steal! (if you play enough classes) If it is character bound... well you have just been royally screwed. Previously you lost 0 dollars, or 5 dollars, now you just lost 30 dollars x 7-9 characters, for a total cost of roughly 250 dollars. I'll say that again. Unbound = 0 dollars lost. Account bound = 5 dollars lost. Character bound = 250 dollars lost. The profit for the company (theoretically) Unbound = 30 dollars. Account bound = 30 dollars Character bound = 250 dollars Theoretically (which is the way economics think) character bound is a gold mine. Every single player in the game paying 250 dollars a month? Awesome! But would every player pay this? It would only be the whales. Everyone else will look at that price and go "30 dollars for ONE costume? Yea, good bye". Meanwhile if it was indeed completely unbound or account bound... people would see it as "30 dollars for a costume for all my characters that I can trade away later? Give me!". Well, not literally, since 30 dollars is the top edge of what people would be willing to pay for one style. The point is just that you could make them accept 30 dollar costumes, by allowing it to be used more freely. The draw back? Your whales would not buy costumes for all their money, they would buy other junk. In the end, for me it will only be customer satisfaction. I won't buy more costumes because they are character bound, I'm just going to think this game and the publishers suck more. But at least the rich kids will enjoy your game.
  9. It is a tricky topic because... what happens with it when premium runs out? If you can't access outfits in it after premium runs out, then it means the system can steal items you paid money for and hold them ransom. If it spits out the outfits to your character, what happens if you are low on space? Could outfits you bought with money just disappear? Hopefully you can still grab from it without premium, but not put new outfits into it. Which means it will still be very much worth it to buy and store stuff on, and then rarely you may buy premium to re-insert and clear inventory space.
  10. The point is that nobody is complaining about the unfairness of equipping a dobok and getting ganked by a horde of equal levels. That is something everyone accepts. What is not accepted is the level difference which almost exclusively happens with trolls and harassers. And this is only an issue if you want owPvP. Because everyone can solve this by refusing to participate until last zones and capped levels. Which is only hurting one kind of players, owPvP players. I really don't care at all, because I am going to be one of those who don't bother with owPvP until capped out. But if the system was fair, you'd have one more person to ambush and kill since I'd be using the system from the start.
  11. I am merely re-using the argument that "If you don't like it, don't use it" but with PKing replaced with the nsfw profile images. You could call it sarcasm or analogy. The point is that if some people are jerks, the solution should not be that the not jerks should leave or quit using something. Let me give you another analogy. Everyone is free to be an ass in dungeons, because if you don't like that you can stop doing dungeons. You can make dozens of these, but the rule of thumb is that they will all sound insane, just like the PK example in this thread.
  12. And nobody should be punished for porn on their profile pages because it is optional to check out profiles. If you are worried about porn, you shouldn't check them. But somehow I know NcSoft will bother to moderate porn on profile pages, while low level harassment will pass. Because online bullying is supported, while nudity is a crime.
  13. Lumbertown was also about already capped out players going there because they wanted to punish new players for supporting F2P instead of the purchase option TERA started with. So they were going to scare away new players with harassment just to show EME it was wrong to abandon the previous system that only allowed serious people to play. It was just childish people thinking they could hurt others to show their disappointment in the publishers. Their grand goal was to get players to leave TERA and not use the cash shop and financially damage the company. Blade and Soul sounds like it will just be regular jerks who want to kill and insult people. Not specifically make you quit.
  14. BnS - What is and what is not ?

    My view of BnS is the same as 2011. It is among the top 3 adult focused MMOs (TERA, Queen's Blade / Scarlet Blade, Blade and Soul). They all feature ultra-sexy armor design and adult themed content and this is the niche that will attract people who want an honest to god adult focused MMO without having to endure PG rated storylines and quests and armors. But most publishers consist of just PvPers, so all they see is "Ok, a PvP game. Great, now we just have to cut out everything else and make it like Disney land to attract max amount of players to kill daily in open world". TERA almost died and had to go F2P because the content that kept coming was sexy outfits from the devs and not PvP content, which the entire game had been marketed for to grab the attention of people who hate sexist games and just want PvP. It was literally saved by the uncensored sexy elin outfits that people could buy, even though they insisted they had to be censored on launch or nobody would touch the game. Scarlet Blade went the 200 dollars per outfit route on top of censorship, so the only people who play that game are whales and free players. They had a christmas sale where they had 75% discount on some common outfits so those only cost 10 dollars. With a competition like that, Blade and Soul could really claim #1 MMO choice of people who want adult oriented MMOs. Imagine that, #1. Not "top 5" or "top 25" generic MMO, but the actual go to first choice. All that is necessary is to actually go against the flow of all the thousands of other all-ages MMOs and highlight how sexy and adult oriented the game is. You just have to dare to admit a MMO could have focus on boobs, instead of saying it is all about PvP (because what other MMO out there has PvP, right guys?). Let's go 5 years into the future now. How many think there will be 1 more MMO with PvP content released? Yes, there will be one. How many new boob centered MMOs will there be? I dunno, I haven't heard of any new ones since 2011. That is already 5 years with no news reaching me of a replacement MMO. (But if I am fair, there were 3 at the same time around 2011 that I heard about, so maybe they just come in bundles). Dare to sell the game for what it is. The unique parts is that it is not your run of the mill PvP with bland armors, but focus on bouncing boobs and revealed skin. It is those boobs that have made me keep track of this game for 3 years while not caring at all about all the generic MMOs that were released during these years. It is the reason GW2 couldn't keep me interested, even though it literally was the most engaging experience in a MMO I've ever had, and still have.
  15. Sounds sort of valid. But, is there no quest rewards at all that are tradeable then? Else you can do exactly this for other reasons.