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  1. Why should we wait till next maint to fix SF https://imgur.com/WJenXoo If warlock soul burn didn't work they would do emergency hot fix.
  2. im waiting for them too
  3. I do not know if the Speak Easy outfit was just for the event but can you please put it in F10. Thank you in advance
  4. 1:25 in just pause the video and at the top of his inventory you will see black ram supply chain... this is a fake
  5. Going to change ear and tail to one of the new ones
  6. My screen freezes up for 30 sec sometimes also getting disconnects.... Emergency Maintenance Please
  7. Yea you play what element BT gives you. I wanted to play fire gunner but BT gave me shadow ring and shadow earring so I am i shadow gunner end of story.
  8. Please be true i need lyn gunner in my life
  9. on my soulfighter i got the bracelet on my first run for about 500g then on the same character i got extra locked bracelet chest for 100g. Then on my gunslinger i got a bracelet for 270g on my 30th run so i have gotten 3 bracelet total in less than 100 runs all in Normal Mode.
  10. It doesn't make sense to make all draken accessories account bound except the bracelet if the xanos hands are account bound the item should be as well.
  11. would be nice if they make the draken chest account bound like the other draken accessories
  12. I have been thinking about reroll to earth myself.... Actually I am seeing more and more earth sf in dung
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