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  1. Cannot find any info Asura Kingfist

    if i Remember right Kingfist now is 6 AP and Asura is 18 AP on a Dragon Bracelet so we can Predict it being just x3 Version of Kingfist = 8 AP(normal KF) x 3 = 24 AP (a lot)
  2. Wind KFM: Ancestral vs Invincible

    Ancestral is better cause Bosses aren't Dolls+6v6
  3. Glory +(3VT+5Raven) is my recipe
  4. Moonwater Soul

    From any Lab drops Dark Green Shards you need 80 of them for Soul (+10 Attack Power), then by farming Terrors in misty woods youl get Evolved soul(white sphere) and then in Lab or a Tower youl'll get Ornaments(golden coins) you'll need 3 of them so 80x Shards+1x WhiteSphere + 3x Ornaments exchanges at Lab's entry for Moonwater Soul (+10 AP)