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  1. Weekly box loot ninja nerfed

    3 characters on na, 7 on eu, i do dkv on every one of those, aransu on only 4 tho. I noticed a considerable drop of materials gained from chests as well recently. I can even vouch that the daily chest has been slightly modified (less drop chance for elysian orbs and moonstones) and the gold drop has been nerfed as well /more common to get 1, rare to get 10, ultra rare to get 100 and i have never seen 1000 yet on my own daily chests. I do daily challenge on all days beside friday and sunday on all eu characters and 2 days in week on na characters. The drop rate has been tampered with 100%
  2. 7 days premium?

    First round?
  3. is endgame challenging at all?

    I dont join parties until im sure i watched a video, analyzed the dungeon and think i can contribute to its completition. Its people with raven 9s that join desolate tomb where i am stuck in now as i need the weapon to further breaktrough my weapon and necklace, that flame me for having only 830ish ap. I have literally been told 3 times so far in the month playtime that i am a noob for having only soul level 2 and been told several more times that i should upgrade my soul, and several times that my gems are garbage (keep in mind this is my first event where i can acually get a gem since i started the game) and other random negative comments where i felt frustrated toward some peoples actions toward new players. People assume that as a new player i should have over 900 ap to be allowed to join desolate in xserver. Happened several times already and as you said people ignore mechanics and just want you to bring ap, if i dont bring ap im useless. Usually have more fun in the game with people around my ap range, if i was over 950 ap and joined desolate on normal, i personally would be silent and carry the people in it, not flame newbies and make them want to question this community. Although i did meet some very nice and friendly people that enjoy giving advice and want to shoutout those inviduals that helped me learn the curves Before you say, join a clan, i already did and they are all great guys and i love running with them, but as im from eu playing on na server, i cannot always play with them. Before you ask why dont you play on eu, its personal experience from all the mmos i played so far that teached me that eu players are ok when you are under 20, when you are a bit older like me you want to play with more mature people.
  4. is endgame challenging at all?

    As a totally new player with around a month of playtime the game is challe ging for me. As i leveled i did all dungeons at level and had to learn mechanics and with 200 -350ish ping i had to predict when to use sheath in forward and some content was extremely hard and i had a terrible flaming experience from some veterans due to some mistakes i did. At this point it is super challenging to collect money to progress wout giving in to my credit card. Promised myself after skyforge that il never invest in a game for power purpose again but the whales keep flaming us non maxed soul players sometimes. Gets frustrating but ive seen worse