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  1. 3 characters on na, 7 on eu, i do dkv on every one of those, aransu on only 4 tho. I noticed a considerable drop of materials gained from chests as well recently. I can even vouch that the daily chest has been slightly modified (less drop chance for elysian orbs and moonstones) and the gold drop has been nerfed as well /more common to get 1, rare to get 10, ultra rare to get 100 and i have never seen 1000 yet on my own daily chests. I do daily challenge on all days beside friday and sunday on all eu characters and 2 days in week on na characters. The drop rate has be
  2. I dont join parties until im sure i watched a video, analyzed the dungeon and think i can contribute to its completition. Its people with raven 9s that join desolate tomb where i am stuck in now as i need the weapon to further breaktrough my weapon and necklace, that flame me for having only 830ish ap. I have literally been told 3 times so far in the month playtime that i am a noob for having only soul level 2 and been told several more times that i should upgrade my soul, and several times that my gems are garbage (keep in mind this is my first event where i can acually get a gem si
  3. As a totally new player with around a month of playtime the game is challe ging for me. As i leveled i did all dungeons at level and had to learn mechanics and with 200 -350ish ping i had to predict when to use sheath in forward and some content was extremely hard and i had a terrible flaming experience from some veterans due to some mistakes i did. At this point it is super challenging to collect money to progress wout giving in to my credit card. Promised myself after skyforge that il never invest in a game for power purpose again but the whales keep flaming us non maxed soul
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