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  1. LvL 50 Patch ?

    April 8th most likely.
  2. Arena bots ... ?!

    Just encountered again. They tend to not use many abilities and perform same action all the time.
  3. Arena bots ... ?!

    Like seriously, the more time GameGuard is being disabled, the more bots you will see in this game. I have just encountered 2-4 arena bots with same outfit. If you see a player using that outfit or standing for like 20 seconds and then randomly attacking you, it's a bot.
  4. PVP lag worse than ever

    Jaensung has 150 ms on NA yet is Diamond with all classes.
  5. PVP lag worse than ever

    Do you know how people get Diamond in KR with 250 ping ? Get gud m9
  6. Scheduled for "spamming"

    Like seriously ? Write 3 messages and then you will get 1 minute timeout. Happens 90% of the time, ncsoft pls ?
  7. Is Macro Allowed?

    So if we have hardware macro on our keyboard and mouse you suggest to ban us ? Get some logic m9
  8. The only tip I can give you to win against Blade Dancer is: Stop playing Summoner.
  9. Optimize Blade and Soul with Geforce Experience

    GTX960M recommends everything at ultra settings.
  10. Blade & Sould TCP/UDP ports - anyone know?!

    6600 (TCP) Auth Server 10900 or 10100 not sure, but TCP Game Server
  11. Is My internet the problem or my computer

    Internet does NOT change your frame rate aka fps. Your graphics card does. Blade and Soul is using old engine, Unreal Engine 3 and poorly optimized. I'm getting 60 fps on both of my computers though.
  12. Stop failing NCSoft..

    Or they could make it a limit based on HOURS played and not level. Also NCWest won't listen to you since the game creators are Team Bloodlust whom are from Korea.
  13. So how absolutely terrible is PVP realy ?

    Also if you take a look in Top10, you will see that the game is being overrun by Destroyers and Summoners.
  14. So how absolutely terrible is PVP realy ?

    It's absolutely terrible for PvP. Wouldn't recommend doing pvp until level 50 patch comes out and balances out all classes. Right now Destroyer and KFM are the most strongest classes in the game.