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  1. I could agree with you if BnS team would have never nerfed gold and drop rates over and over again on lower level dungeons. It is unfortunately not the case! As a noob you are pushed to skip content in order to be able to farm things and have interactions with other players. It belongs in their design to make only high end dungeons attractive and rewarding.
  2. Your post if again very self explainatory... but I believe ppl like you might just not be able to understand, you are giving arguments proving exactly the contrary of what you are saying! but you are so sure of holding the truth that you won't see it. Back in the day as you said, ppl would bid incredible amount of money to get their raven mats. This situation was perfect because it was forcing gold to be shared accross the raid. -> If you started raiding without gold, within a few weeks you could becore super rich and afford anything you need. This is absolutly impossi
  3. ... You all guys really don't get it do you? your very precise response prooves how bad farming in this game is! It is tougth for new /low geared players to make even 10g per day and you come here talking about 10k a day! NC keep on making it harder for new players to catch up... while they keep on making it possible for geared players to reach new level of power and farm thousands a day. This makes the game be very much pay 2 win, because as a low geared you mostly have only 2 choices : either you cash shop as much as you can until you reach a correct level (we are talking about hundred
  4. This is precisely the way I feel. I do enjoy playing, it s a hobby of mine since many many years and I wish I could play and enjoy BnS. Good graphic and combat dynamics, interesting mechanics, completly unexistant and boring open world activities though... but the main problem lies on the amount of dedication requiered to achieve anything in this game. I believe most hardcore players in here are young ppl trying to escape their real life problems, probably not realising it or completly denying it even, spending their days from the moment they wake up to the moment they ll fall asleep inga
  5. Well well... there is always a limited amount you can buy from "todays sale". And every single time it wasn't the case, it was a bug and resulted in rollbacks... refunds... etc. Now I got it, you saw an oportunity to buy the Bracelet with irl money and you took it. But it was obvious since the very beginning it wasn't what NC intended. You wanted to p2w.... you paid... and ended up loosing. Hopefully you gonna learn your lesson and think twice before exploiting an obvious bug! And hopefully NC will also learn their lesson and fking double check datas before
  6. I would want to have explanations, we'll never get any, I know it, but that would be highly interesting.
  7. So you are part of those fanboys who think criticizing something hoping for improvement is in fact whining... actually going to work to finance your investment in a virtual world. Unless you are being a sarcastic smart kid... but regardless... this is just toxic.
  8. Pay2Win = Pay2Progress This is the exact same thing! Winning in an mmo is progressing. The only people trying to make a difference between those 2 are whales that are not honest enough with themselves to admit they P2W.
  9. The way MSP is right now is what every single other regions have. The nerfed drops we had before were probably here just to time gate players progression. This applies also to the overall mats droprate on Na-Eu which is absolutly horrible and ofcourse to our nerfed events / non rewarding membership. At the end of the day we'll get to have it as easy as every other regions... better get psycholigically ready for it. This is just the way it goes, what nolifes are grinding right now will turn out to be common items for casuals in the future.
  10. I never said otherwise, but you cannot be mad at ppl for trying, I said it too -> if he doesn't like it, the kick option is here to be used. The exact same thing applies for work, how do you think people are doing to get experiment in the first place? when every single job offer (not talking about apprenticeships there... real jobs) requieres you to have 3 to 5 years experience? They try... simple as that... and those exact same ppl 5 years later will be the ones having experience.
  11. Irrelevant. How many AP do u have on ur noobs? do you have full gem sets... maybe already prepared a SS set for it and a legendary weapon for it too? They are also probably in a clan and you probably got friends to carry you at times. well.... whatever I guess, there will always be ppl to try defending this kind of behaviour.
  12. Well it is not possible, else how would newbies ever find parties in F8? They have to try in order to succeed! Did you ever see "LFM NF DT EC NM 600+ All class?" If it s not to the party leader's taste -> Kick player it is This whole thing makes me think about Cartman from south park... " RESPECT MY AUTHORITY"
  13. People can have their own wishes... np. But would you go as far as calling them rules? As I said, if he only wants high AP players he can absolutly kick anyone he wants in order to reach his party ideal, but blaming lowbies for trying to get in good parties is just plain wrong. At the end of the day, they represent the future of the game... to have a long lasting game u gotta have an healthy players turnover. If the community is not noob friendly the only possible outcome is failure. Now what probably happened? a poor AP 650 saw his party for EC or whatnot with a 800 AP requie
  14. So OP is blaming low AP / new players for trying to join his party when their AP is not sufficient enough to meet his requierements. The truth his, you cannot blame those players for trying, because them too need a party... them too spent 20min + trying to fking run a dungeon... and them more than anyone else need to farm those shiny drops. If they were not trying, they would never get a party ever with the bunch of ppl acting like u do. I get it... you believe yourselves above the crowed and think ppl should respect ur rules as if they were almighty... well sorry to te
  15. On a serious note, Ice FM should see their awakened glacial beam tweaked a bit -> it annoys me that I'm burning my focus more on my awakened skill than on my normal skill (HM unlocked),
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