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  1. Oceanic Servers

    I gave the post a quick edit
  2. Oceanic Servers

    true that, my bad
  3. Oceanic Servers

    I put the link to that in the description of my video
  4. Oceanic Servers

    I use WTfast and I get 250ms connected to Texas. I'm in Australia
  5. Oceanic Servers

    Ikr, it could bring them so much more money if they do
  6. Oceanic Servers

    Yeah, I play a Blade Master and I find it very noticeable.
  7. Oceanic Servers

    It is a true pain man, I feel ya 100%
  8. Oceanic Servers

    Hey guys, I know there has been quite a lot of posts about this already, but I felt like I needed to add to this before I get max level. I really do enjoy the game but with my ping, there is no way I, or any other Oceanic players can really compete against NA players. I made a video which I will link below (if this is not allowed then feel free to remove this post) about why we should have our own servers with our ping. It's not very in-depth but if people would like a very more in-depth view then I can make one. The video isn't some professionally made video, but just something I threw together in like 10 minutes. So please to all you Oceanic players, and hell, even you NA and Eu folk, please share this video around so NC are well aware of the demand for these servers. Thank you guys :) http://www.thepetitionsite.com/958/585/460/show-ncsoft-that-there-is-a-demand-for-an-oceanic-sea-server-for-blade-soul/ The petition is there for Oceanic players to sign to show we are interested in having our servers/data centre
  9. I keep getting this error after I put my pin in. What's the go here?
  10. To all the fellow Aussies out there, does WTFast make a noticable difference when playing BaS? I only got to level 17 before giving in to the ping and I would really love to further my journey but at this point it's just bad. So yeah, would like to know if it is worth using. If not, are there any other programs like WTFast that work better?
  11. WTFast Bannable?

    are you saying that their will be servers for Oceanic to help with ping? I am legit praying to what ever i can to make this possible. I love the game yet my ping is high because im in Australia and combat/pvp just doesnt work well for us considering our attacks take so long. I was legit waiting in the queue to log in and use WTFast to see if that helps but i guess now I cant.
  12. Oceanic

  13. Oceanic

    Hey guys, is there any speak of Oceanic servers being created? I've been playing this game for a few hours and I'm from Australia and the delay is quite noticable. It would be hard to get into end game pvp with such delay. So, is there speak of one?